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July 24, 2024

Where to Buy Rhubarb: Aisles and Stores to Find It

  • Most food markets stock rhubarb in large quantities during summer when it is in the season
  • Rhubarb is sold in its fresh form when it’s in season so you can find it in the aisle for fresh fruit and veggies

Rhubarb is an exotic food item that is also highly nutritious. If you’re trying out the vegetarian diet you might want to add it to your food menu. This lovely plant is sold in its fresh form, canned, or frozen solid. It is a great addition to making pie and even has the nickname pieplant.

Sometimes due to being in a new neighborhood, you might not know where to buy certain items. On the other hand, even knowing where to buy them you might not know their specific location in different stores due to the different stocking methods of different stores. This article is aimed at shedding light on some of them.

Where to Buy Rhubarb

Rhubarb is sold in its fresh form in bulk while in season and at other times it might be canned or frozen solid for extra preservation. Rhubarb blooms during summertime and is sold in bulk in its fresh forms. You can buy fresh rhubarb from different food markets like;

  • Whole Foods Market
  • Farmer’s Market
  • Local food store

Most grocery stores also stock fresh rhubarb during its season but it’s more likely to find it in its canned or frozen form at grocery stores. Here’s a list of some grocery stores that stock rhubarb:

  • Target
  • Safeway
  • Kroger
  • Walmart
  • Albertsons
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Publix

You can also order packaged rhubarb online at Amazon. Most grocery store websites also offer same-day delivery for Rhubarb and other online purchases. Alternatively, you can use the Instacart app and have it delivered to your doorstep or use the curbside pickup option.

Where to buy rhubarb

Where to find Rhubarb in the Grocery Store

Most grocery stores keep their rhubarb in the produce aisle, where you will also find fresh vegetables. You can also check the aisle for fruits and vegetables. Also, since rhubarb might be stored frozen or canned you might find it in the frozen food or canned food aisles.

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Some Grocery Stores and Where to Find Rhubarb

Each store has its filing system but some items are kept in the same general location. You can also use the store locator tool provided on some grocery store websites to find the exact location of items. 

1. Walmart

During Rhubarb season fresh rhubarb can be found in the veggies and fruit section. At other times you can get canned Rhubarb in the aisle for canned food items. Alternatively, you can use the locator tool on the Walmart website to find the closest branch and the specific location of rhubarb in that store.

2. Whole Foods Market

Rhubarb is sold in bulk in its fresh form when it’s in season, you can easily find it in the food produce aisle. Or in its frozen form in the freezer alongside other frozen food items.

3. Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s doesn’t stock fresh rhubarb so you will probably not find it there even when it is in season. They only stock frozen rhubarb and you can find this in the freezer for frozen food items.

4. Publix

You can buy fresh rhubarb from a local Publix store location or order it online through the Publix website. Publix stocks Rhubarb in the fresh produce section and also amongst fruits and vegetables.

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How long does Rhubarb Last?

Rhubarb can last for at least 7 days or even as long as 12 months depending on how it is stored. You can store Rhubarb in a refrigerator or chop it into pieces and keep it in cans or ziplock bags. 

Fresh rhubarb can last for up to 5 days at room temperature. You can keep it on a countertop or shelf and be sure it will keep for at least 4-5 days. You can also store Rhubarb in the refrigerator this will last a few weeks. The best way to store Rhubarb for a longer shelf life is by freezing it.

How to Store Rhubarb

1. Countertop

If you plan on using your Rhubarb within a few days after purchase, you can keep it on your counter at room temperature.

2. Refrigerating

You can also store Rhubarb by refrigerating it. This method will keep it fresh for a few weeks. To store Rhubarb put it unwashed in a Ziploc refrigerator bag with air holes to prevent it from getting overripe. 

3. Freezing

Freezing is the best method of storing Rhubarb. It increases the shelf life to a minimum of eight months. Frozen rhubarb can last for as long as 12 months while still retaining its original taste and nutrients. To store Rhubarb in the freezer wash it thoroughly and cut it into one-inch pieces. Dip the pieces into boiling water for about a minute remove and dip them in cold water. The colder the better. This helps to trap the flavors and keep the original taste and color. Next, place it in a plastic bag and freeze it solid. 

How Do You Tell if Rhubarb has Gone Bad

Rhubarb is a bit firm naturally and a feeling of softness is a clear indicator that it is going bad. Also, the appearance of black spots and, or molds shows that the Rhubarb has gone bad. There might also be a change in smell. If any of the aforementioned is noticed you should throw away the Rhubarb as it is no longer fit for consumption.


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