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July 21, 2024

Where to Find Strawberry Puree in Grocery Store

The strawberry puree is a delicious mixture of unsweetened strawberries, a bit of granulated sugar, and a dash of lemon juice. Although home cooks do not commonly use fruit purees, bakers, and pastry chefs have long valued its versatility. 

They have the ability to transform even the simplest breakfast and dessert into something special, and strawberry purees are no exception. If you have been wondering where strawberry purees are tucked away in grocery stores, you should check the aisles below.

What Aisle is Strawberry Puree Located in Grocery Stores? 

The strawberry puree is often considered a seasonal item, mostly in summer and springtime. However, grocery stores generally stock strawberry puree in the baking aisle. It is mostly applied in desserts, baked goods, and pastries.

Many strawberry puree products also come canned. So, alternatively, you can check the canned section of the grocery store. Some grocery stores also stock strawberry puree in the specialty or produce area. The strawberry puree is often added to refreshing drinks like lemonades, so you can also check the aisle that carries cocktails and drink mixes.

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Where to Buy Strawberry Puree Near You

If you can’t find strawberry puree in any of the grocery stores around you, the stores listed below are some of your best bets, as they are very likely to carry the product. 

1. Amazon

Amazon is one of the best online stores to shop for strawberry purees. Both in and out of season, you will surely get a few brands of strawberry puree from one or more of the different vendors on Amazon.

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2. Walmart

You can get brands like Monin Premium Strawberry Fruit Puree, and Strawberry Real at Walmart’s baking or canned foods aisle. If you are looking for another brand, you can use the online store locator on their website to confirm product availability. 

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3. Whole Foods Market

You can check the baking and canned foods section of Whole Foods, for different brands of strawberry puree. 

4. Safeway

At Safeway, you can check the areas around the canned foods section for strawberry puree. Their stores should carry two or more brands.

5. Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s often carries a lot of products in their store’s brand. If you’re a fan of their products, you can check for the availability of the store’s brand. They also carry other strawberry puree brands, although seasonally. 

6. Kroger

Are you doing your shopping at Kroger? You can check the canned foods aisle for different brands of strawberry puree. You can also scan through the items displayed on their website, to confirm if your favorite brand is available in-store. 

7. Publix

You can also check for different brands of strawberry puree such as Strawberry Real, and Monin at any Publix store in your city. 

8. Walgreens

If there is a Walgreens store or any drugstore around you, you check for strawberry puree there. They should carry a couple of brands, although seasonally.

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9. Local Health Food Store

You should be able to pick up a few brands of strawberry puree at any health food store near you, during its season.

Great Ways To Use Strawberry Puree

Strawberry puree can be used in a variety of ways. Check out some of our favorite recipes below: 

  • Strawberry puree can be served over pancakes and waffles, for a simple, yet elegant breakfast. 
  • It can be incorporated into frosting or whipping cream and used alone, or as filling for cakes, roulades, and cupcakes. 
  • You can drizzle strawberry puree over a slice of cheesecake or chocolate torte. 
  • Also, it can also be poured over a bowl of ice cream or used to make strawberry milkshakes for a hearty weeknight dessert.  

How to Make Strawberry Puree at Home

Fruit purees add so much flavor to your recipe, yet require so little effort in preparation. In less than 30 minutes, your strawberry puree would be out of the food processor and ready to use.

When making strawberry puree, you will require only three ingredients: Unsweetened strawberries, granulated sugar, and a dash of lemon juice (optional).

The strawberries could either be fresh or frozen. For frozen strawberries, be sure to have them properly thawed before processing. However, if you decide to use fresh strawberries, you should buy them at their prime. Here are some helpful tips: 

  • The berries should be bright red, fragrant, plump, firm, and uniformly sized. 
  • There should be no white or green patches at the shoulders of the stem end. 
  • The leafy cap should still be attached, and should not be brown or wilted. 
  • The bottom of the container they were stored in should not have any squashed berries or red juice spewed over, as this is a sign of overripe berries. 
  • Before using, quickly wash the berries (do not soak) with the cap still intact, to prevent water from entering and diluting the flavor.

To make strawberry puree:

  1. Place the strawberries, some granulated sugar, and lemon juice in a food processor or high-speed blender.
  2. Puree the mixture for 1-2 minutes to your desired texture (chunky or smooth)
  3. If not for immediate use, transfer it to an airtight container and store it appropriately.

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How to Store Strawberry Puree

Strawberries are delicate fruit as such, do not store well. For fresh strawberries, store them on a refrigerator tray lined with a single layer of paper towel, for a few days. Pureed strawberries, on the other hand, can either be refrigerated or frozen.

You can store the strawberry puree in an airtight container for up to 5 days, refrigerated. Frozen strawberry puree can store for up to 3 months in an airtight container as well.