Where to Find Cream of Tartar in Grocery Store

It saves you a lot of time when you find what you’re shopping for exactly where you expect it to be, but we don’t always get to enjoy this kind of shopping especially if we’re getting something for the first time.

In this article, we will discuss where to find cream of tartar in the grocery store, recommend the best brands, and provide answers to some frequently asked questions about using cream of tartar in cooking.

What Aisle is Cream of Tartar in Grocery Stores?

Cream of tartar is typically found in the spice aisle of grocery stores. Some stores without a robust spice aisle may have it in their baking aisle near flour and cornstarch – especially in stores that primarily sell items for baking.

You’ll generally find what you’re looking for in a spice jar or plastic container, but don’t exclude the chances of seeing it packaged in larger tins when shopping in baking stores.

Judging from the name, you’d think it’ll be in the aisle for condiments or at least something other than the spice aisle. However, you’d find it here because of its role in cooking. Cream of tartar has got a metallic flavour, and it serves as a seasoning for baked items – snickerdoodle cookies for example.

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Where to Buy Cream of Tartar Near you

1. Amazon

In addition to offering a wide selection of the cream of tartar brands, Amazon also provides the option to purchase it in bulk, often at a discounted price. You can get brands like their self-branded Happy Belly Cream of Tartar, McCormick, Naturevibe Botanicals, 365 by Whole Foods Market, and Grown in Idaho.

2. Walmart

At Walmart, you can find various cream of tartar brands including Great Value Cream of Tartar and McCormick. The store locator on their website can assist you in determining which brands are available at your local store. You’ll also find it in the spice aisle when you go to walk-in stores.

3. Whole Foods

At Whole Foods, you’ll find popular brands like their self-branded 365 Everyday, Great Value, and McCormick. Also, like most on the list, you’ll be able to find their cream of tartar in jars placed in the aisle for spices.

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4. Target

You can find the cream of tartar in Target’s baking aisle. They’ve got a variety of brands such as Simply Balanced (Target’s own brand), as well as Market Pantry, McCormick, and Good & Gather.

5. Safeway

Safeway also keeps its cream of tartar in the baking aisle. Aside from their brand-owned Kitchens Cream of Tartar, they’ve also got other popular brands like McCormick, Market pantry, and Naturevibe available.

6. Kroger

Kroger stores carry a range of cream of tartar brands including their self-branded Kroger Cream of Tartar, Spice Island, McCormick, Frontier, Adams, Marshalls Creek Spices, and Nativo. They stock this type of product in their aisle for spices and seasonings.

7. Publix

If you’ve got a walk-in Publix store near you, you’ll want to be checking the baking aisle when shopping for the cream of tartar. The only downside is that you’re likely to find only the McCormick brand.

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8. Wegmans

Wegmans stock their cream of tartar in the baking aisle. If you want to shop here, expect to find only the famous McCormick.

9. Meijer

Meijer is another great spot to shop for the cream of tartar – they keep theirs in the aisle for spices and seasonings. They usually stock their self-branded Meijer Cream of Tartar, McCormick, Frontier, Kraft, Golden Dipt, Hoffman, and Frisch.

10. Stop & Shop

Stop & Shop is known for stocking its cream of tartar in the spice aisle. Also, they often keep a few brands like Watkins Creams of Tartar, and McCormick.

Great ways to use Cream of Tartar

While we’re not suggesting you don’t already know how to make the most of cream of tartar whenever you get it from the grocery store, you could definitely make use of some new recipe ideas below if you haven’t been using them before.

1. Baking Chewy Vegan Cookies

Cream of tartar is a popular constituent in soft cookies like snickerdoodles. When combined with baking soda, you can create a leavening effect that gives your cookies a puffy, soft, and chewy texture.

2. Substitute for Baking Powder

If you run out of baking powder, you can substitute 1 tablespoon of it with 1 teaspoon of baking soda and 2 teaspoons of cream of tartar.

3. Maintaining the Color of Vegetables

Cream of tartar can help maintain the color of vegetables, ensuring they retain their bright color after boiling or steaming. You want to add 1/4 teaspoon of cream of tartar to the water to get this effect.

4. Making Smooth Meringues

Cream of tartar can function as a stabilizer for egg whites when making meringues, also, it helps accelerate the foaming process. You want to be adding 1/8 teaspoon of cream of tartar per white egg for optimal stability.

What is the Shelf Life of Cream of Tartar?

Cream of tartar has a long shelf life as long as it is stored in a cool, dry place. To check if your cream of tartar is still good, look for a powdery, white appearance and a slightly acidic smell. If it has become discolored or has a strong smell, it’s time to discard it.

For those who frequently cook boiled vegetables or desserts with meringue, cream of tartar is a must-have pantry item. This versatile ingredient adds a tangy flavor to your baked goods, stabilizes egg whites, preserves the vibrant color of your vegetables, and can be paired with baking soda to help leaven your batters and doughs.


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