Where to Find Couscous in Grocery Store

Couscous is a traditional dish made of crushed semolina wheat, formed into small granules or spheres. It is a nutritious dish that serves as a common staple food, in the Northern part of Africa, such as in countries like Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, and Libya. 

Despite the common misconception that couscous is a type of whole grain (it does appear like rice), it belongs to the pasta family. Couscous is cooked by steaming and served with meat or vegetable stew over it.

What Aisle Is Couscous Located In Grocery Store? 

Over the past few years, couscous has gained popularity. As such, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding it in most major grocery stores. When on the lookout for couscous, your first stop in the grocery store should be the grains aisle. This is where most supermarts stock available couscous. 

If you don’t find it there, your next stop should be the “international” or “exotic” food section. Couscous is usually on the Middle Eastern or Mediterranean foods section, in the international aisle. You could also try looking at the pasta aisle. Couscous can also be found in a variety of online stores.

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Types of Couscous

Types of Couscous

Couscous is a dish common to several cultures as such, there are many varieties. However, the three most conventional types found in grocery stores are Moroccan, Israeli, and Lebanese. 

  1. Moroccan Couscous: This is the smallest type of couscous, and cooks in just a few minutes. 
  2. Israeli or Pearl Couscous: This type is much larger than Moroccan couscous, and takes about 10 minutes to cook. It is also commonly referred to as Pearl Couscous.
  3. Lebanese Couscous: This is the largest of the three types, and usually takes the longest to cook.

Where to Buy Couscous Near You

1. Amazon

Amazon is most times the first stop for most persons seeking convenient shopping online. You can shop for couscous on Amazon. However, bulk quantities are often cheaper. So you might want to shop for bulk deals.

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2. Walmart

You can shop for couscous at Walmart in the pasta and grain aisle. Walmart offers a wide variety of brands to choose from, such as Roland and RiceSelect. You can also navigate to the store locator on Walmart’s website to get more information on the products available. 

3. Whole Foods 

Whole Foods also offers several brands to choose from. Simply head over to the grain aisle, and look for brands such as Bob’s Red Mill, 365, and Near East to shop for couscous. 

4. Target

Target has couscous from brands such as Osem, Near East, and Simply Balanced, in the rice and pasta aisle.

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5. Safeway

At Safeway, you can shop for couscous in small or bulk quantities in the rice and seasoned grains aisle. 

6. Trader Joe’s

If you decide to shop at Trader Joe’s, you can also find different types of couscous in the rice and pasta aisle. 

7. Kroger

At Kroger supermarts, you are most likely to find couscous near the pasta and grains aisles. 

8. Publix

At Publix, head over to the international or grains aisle to choose from the different types of couscous available. 

9. Ethnic Markets

If you have any Eastern, North African, or Mediterranean markets near you, that would be a good place to shop for couscous. Unlike most online stores and local supermarts, you get to select from a huge variety of couscous available at these markets. 

Great Ways to Use Couscous

Rather than the customary dish with meat and vegetable stew, there are a couple of other great ways to use couscous. Couscous is often used as a balancing ingredient, rather than a flavor enhancer. However, there is no seasoning that it doesn’t agree with. 

Just like tofu, couscous soaks and blends with a variety of flavors beautifully. 

1. Use in Salads

Couscous would be a great addition to any green salad, and various warm and cold salad recipes. 

2. Use in Burritos

Couscous is fabulous in burritos, and some creative chefs use them to prepare sumptuous dishes. If you need dinner ready in a short while, you could opt for couscous instead of rice, as it takes a shorter time to prepare. 

3. Use in Stuffed Veggies

Stuffed mushrooms, squash, and peppers taste superb with couscous. 

How to Store Couscous

Dry couscous doesn’t exactly expire or go bad if you take good care of it. It often lasts for several months, even after the expiry date on its package label has been exceeded. However, once opened, it should be refrigerated in a tightly sealed plastic bag or ziplock. 

When cooked, any leftovers can stay for about 4 to 5 days if you keep them sealed, refrigerated, and away from any form of moisture. To reheat, simply add 3 to 4 tablespoons of water (depending on the leftover quantity, and wattage of your microwave), and steam lightly for a few minutes.


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