April 19, 2024

Where to Find Lard in Grocery Store

Finding lard in the grocery store can be quite challenging, especially if you’re shopping in that store for the first time. Thankfully, this guide focuses on informing you about likely sections and aisles in grocery stores where lard can be found, so you don’t have to spend so much time looking for it.

This guide also contains a list of grocery stores where you can always stop by to buy lard, as well as some information on the product, just in case you are wondering what it is.

What is Lard? 

Lard is an ingredient that has been used in kitchens all around the world, for several hundreds of years. So, even if you have never cooked with it, it’s very likely that you have heard about it. 

Lard is melted fat obtained from rendering pigs. It has a creamy white color and a smooth, semi-solid texture at room temperature. Depending on how it is rendered, some lards could be odorless and tasteless, while others could have a mild porky smell and flavor.

What Aisle is Lard Located in Grocery Store? 

While there are many possible places where lard can be found in grocery stores, a sure-fire section to find it is the International aisle. It is usually placed next to other Mexican products, and is often labeled in Spanish as “Manteca”. 

Another place where lard is likely to be found in a grocery store is the Meat section. Here, you will find lards of different brands and packaging, arranged in tubs. If you don’t find lard in any of these places, your next stop should be the Produce aisle. 

Lastly, you can check for lard in the section of the grocery store where cooking oils are kept. This is because people often use lard as an alternative to cooking oils in certain recipes.

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Types of Lard

There are a few different types of lard depending on how it was rendered. The three most common varieties of lard include the following: Rendered Lard, Processed Lard, and Leaf Lard. 

1. Rendered Lard

Rendered Lard is the direct fat from pigs that have been melted and filtered, without any further processing. You can likely expect this type of lard to have a mild porky odor and flavor. 

2. Processed Lard

This type of lard has been melted, filtered, and hydrogenated (making it shelf-stable). It is the most heavily processed type of lard and is the type often found in grocery stores. Processed lard has a slightly firmer texture than its counterparts. 

3. Leaf Lard

Leaf Lard is gotten from the leaf-shaped portion of fat around a pig’s visceral. It is nearly tasteless and odorless, with a soft, creamy texture making it a preferred option for bakers. 

Where to Buy Lard near You

1. Local Butcher/Farmers Market

This is your best option if you hope to get the rendered or leaf lard type. You may also be able to pick up unprocessed pork fat, which you can render yourself at home.  

2. Ethnic Markets

If there are any ethnic markets around you (particularly Mexican markets), you are likely to find lard available in different types and various brands. 

3. Amazon

Amazon is an online store, which gives you the advantage of shopping for items from the comfort of your home. You can find different brands and varieties of lard on Amazon. 

4. Target

Target also has different varieties and brands of lard available, so you can as well buy from there. Products like Armour Lard are kept among cooking oil and vinegar Target also offers a delivery/pick-up option which you can make use of.

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5. Walmart

If you are looking for a specific brand of lard, you can simply head over to Walmart’s website to see which products are in stock. Some of the brands that are usually available include Armour and Fatworks. Lard is kept in the pantry department, close to cooking oils and vinegar at Walmart.

6. Kroger

Kroger has both physical and online stores. So if there isn’t any physical store around you, you can always visit their online store. Some of the brands that can be found on Kroger include Fischer’s, Armour, and Morell Snow Cap Lard. They are kept in the baking and cooking aisle of the pantry section.

7. H-E-B

Armour is the most common brand of lard you will find at H-E-B. However, you can always check their website to see the other brands available in the store. 

8. Publix

Publix always has different varieties and brands of lard available, so you can stop by a store in your city to buy from there.

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9. Safeway

You are also very likely to get Armour at Safeway, but they also have a couple of other lard brands available in-store. 

10. Whole Foods Market

You can also get different brands and varieties of lard at Whole Foods Market. 

11. Albertsons

You can always buy Lard from Albertsons. However, before stopping by, you might want to check the product’s availability on their website.

Best Lard Alternatives

Lard is often used for cooking, deep-frying, sautéing, and roasting. It is also a valued ingredient for bakers, due to its ability to give a flakier, delicate texture to cakes, donuts, bread, and cookies. Lard can also be used on its own, and spread simply over a piece of toast as you would butter. 

There are quite many substitutes that can be used in place of lard, such as cooking oil, butter, or shortening. Choosing the ideal alternative would depend on how you plan to use it. We’ve helped you narrow it down a little:

  • Frying: You can stick with a neutral cooking oil, such as vegetable oil. 
  • Sautéing: You can use cooking oil as well (such as olive oil or canola), butter or shortening.
  • Baking: You can use butter or shortening.


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