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Ezekiel walked towards the dinning hall and met Miller seated graciously while the maids served her.

Their eyes met making Miller to grin at him.

“Come join me son” She teased him, the maids serving her slightly looked at Ezekiel…they did it distinctively but Ezekiel was fast enough to caught them.


“Face your work” Came Ezekiel’s cold voice, the maids shuddered and returned their attention on what they were doing.

“That’s so harsh son, you scared them” Miller smiled as she chewed on her food.

“Listen Miller or whatever you call your name…the little time you’re going to be here better stay off my way because you don’t know what am made of” Ezekiel threatened making Miller to chuckle.

“Is that a threat Son?” She asked stressing the son. Ezekiel ignored her and walked away.

Miller watched him untill he was out of sight, she chuckled and lowered her head to concentrate on the food she was eating.

“Such a chicken” She chuckled. “Mmm” She moaned enjoying the food. ” Nice food, been long I have eaten good meal”.


Ezekiel angrily walked into Demetrio’s chamber. He was really furious and it was so obvious on his face because veins popped out on his forehead

“Are you really letting that wîtçh live here with us?” He asked Demetrio who was still busy making researches on how to bring Arianna back.

“Just for the main time” Demetrio gave his short reply.

“Do you trust her that much? She is a witch and witches can’t be trusted” He held his waist waiting for the man’s reply but Demetrio didn’t give out any sort of response.

Ezekiel sighed and walked closer to him, he leaned closer to his face using the table as a support.

“Deme we have a lot going on now, waking Arianna, your son, The demons and now you want to bring more headaches by letting that witch stay here with us…you are too busy to even concentrate and keep an eye on her.

We can’t just trust her…wait don’t tell me you already trust her with that task of finding the remaining answers of the blank book of Mormon?” Ezekiel asked.

Demetrio paused and looked up at him, Ezekiel in the other hand was waiting for his answer.

Suddenly they both snapped their heads towards the door, feeling a presence.

“Who is there?” Ezekiel asked, the door pulled opening revealing Miller, Ezekiel’s face darkened seeing her.

With a smile on her face, she approached them “So you have a son?” She asked.

“Is not like you didn’t know” Demetrio replied.

“Is a question Demetrio” Miller smiled, she looked at Ezekiel and winked at him, Ezekiel shut his eyes close and looked away in anger.

“Thought you have been monitoring me all my life?” Demetrio asked and Miller gave her respond with a hearty laughter which sounded like an iron colliding with another in Ezekiel’s ears.

Demetrio furred his brows wondering what was funny.

“Monitoring you?” She asked admist laughter, suddenly her laughs died down, she leaned closer to his face and touched his hair” I can’t be watching you to the extent of when you are fking her”

She slightly looked at the lifeless Arianna “Am not so stupid to watch you doing what you used to do to me before…. to another woman” She looked at Demetrio, their eyes meeting but Demetrio was quick enough to look away.

“Listen Miller…”

“Don’t worry is all in the past now, those silly feelings is no more, am just here to help you” With these words she leaned away.

“Wtch” Ezekiel approached her.

“Yes son” She grinned.

“I want to make something clear to you, if you really want to have your full pieces returning to where you came from, then mind your place in this mansion and don’t cross my ways” Ezekiel threatened.


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