May 20, 2024

Where is Orzo in Kroger? How to Locate it Quickly

Kroger has a reputation for quality, affordability, and variety. As such it has become a convenient one-stop shop for groceries and household supplies.

For regular shoppers, it is easy to fill the cart with their desired items. But if you’re new to Kroger, your story might be a different one.

So, now, where is orzo in Kroger? In the following paragraph, we shall tell you and also help you pick the right product when you find the aisle.

What Aisle is Orzo in Kroger?

1. Pasta aisle

The pasta aisle is the first place you’ll find orzo in Kroger, alongside other pasta like spaghetti, penne and, and fusilli. Look above to locate the aisle sign that says “Pantry”. There in the pantry section is where you’ll locate the pasta aisle.

2. Bulk

If you want to buy a specific amount of orzo instead of the packaged version, then the bulk section is where to check. It’s usually located near rice and other grains.

In summary, when looking for orzo in Kroger, you will either find it in the pasta aisle or the bulk section. Nevertheless, if you can’t find it there, do not hesitate to ask the store employee for assistance.

What Does Orzo Look Like in Kroger?

Where is orzo in Kroger?

On the shelf, orzo is packaged in plastic bags or thick paper boxes just like other pasta. The term “Orzo” is typically boldly written on it so that you don’t confuse it with another item.

Orzo has a close resemblance with large grains of rice but has a distinct pale color, with a smooth texture. So if you don’t look carefully, it might be easy to confuse it as a type of rice when it’s totally pasta.

Orzo Brands Available at Kroger

Kroger carries a wide selection of orzo products made from different sources like corn, rice, wheat, cassava, chickpea, and so on.

  • Kroger orzo pasta
  • Delallo gluten free orzo
  • Ride Select orzo
  • DaVinci orzo pasta
  • Barilla chickpea orzo
  • Jovial organic cassava orzo
  • Arheon orzo pasta
  • Harris Teeter orzo
  • Mantova orzo

What to Look Out for When Buying Orzo

When buying orzo in Kroger, there are a few factors you need to keep in mind.

1. Packaging

Orzo comes either in a paper box or a plastic bag. It’s more compact in the box while the bagged ones allow for more quantity. The idea here is to choose the one that suits your needs and cooking habits.

And, before you throw it into your cart, inspect the package to make sure it is intact without any tears, holes, or any signs of damage.

2. Orzo Quality

Orzo typically has a smooth texture and is uniform in size. It has a pale color similar to other pastas. It’s a red flag when the pasta is clumped, broken into pieces, or discolored.

3. Origin

Orzo is either Italian or Greek. Italian orzo is made from durum wheat semolina which makes it smoother and less chewy.

Greek orzo on the other hand is made from a mixture of wheat and flour. It has a coarser texture with a little nutty flavor. Choose your ideal orzo considering the unique qualities you want.

Great Ways to Use Orzo

Orzo can serve as an ingredient in various dishes. Here are some great ways to incorporate orzo into your meals.

1. Prepare Salad

Create a delightful Mediterranean-style salad with cooked orzo as the base. Toss it with fresh vegetables, herbs, feta cheese, olive and light vinaigrette. I bet you it’s refreshing.

2. Add to Soups

Create an extra texture and heartiness by adding orzo to soup. The cool thing is that it cooks quickly and absorbs flavor well. An interesting way to try it is to add it to vegetable minestrone or chicken noodle soup.

3. Make Pilaf

Start by cooking orzo with onions and garlic or with other aromatic ingredients. Follow up by simmering it in broth to create a flavorful pilaf. Complete the meal by adding vegetables, herbs, and protein of your choice.

4. Make Orzo Bake

Begin by layering cooked orzo with cooked chicken, spinach, and Alfredo sauce in your baking pan. Top with your favorite cheese and bake until bubbly and golden brown.

What to Use in Place of Orzo?

What if you didn’t find orzo in your Kroger location? Well, you might want to resort to an alternative. In case you need some help with that, here are some orzo substitutes you might want to consider:

  • Farro
  • Quinoa
  • Rice
  • Pearl Couscous
  • Ditalini
  • Fregola
  • Risoni

Conclusion: Where is Orzo in Kroger?

Locating orzo in Kroger should be easy. First, locate the pantry section. In the pantry, go to the pasta aisle.

By the way, you can save yourself the stress by getting it through their online store. Alternatively, check on Amazon and you’ll find a handful of orzo products to try.


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