May 20, 2024

Where Are Breadcrumbs in Grocery Store?

With breadcrumbs, what you get is what it is. They are simply crumbs of bread. However, this seemingly simple ingredient has become a staple in many kitchens worldwide, thanks to its wide range of applications.

Breadcrumbs can be used as a thickener for soups, and a binder, and can also be used to add a crunchy topping to fried and baked goods. 

If your dish’s recipe requires breadcrumbs and you are wondering where to find some breadcrumbs in the grocery store, don’t panic. We’d show you the aisles to check in this shopping guide and point you to reliable stores that carry the product.

What Aisle Are Breadcrumbs in the Grocery Store?

Almost all grocery stores (whether large or small), sell breadcrumbs. There are a couple of aisles where it could be stacked. We’d run you through the likely sections below

1. Baking Aisle

Your first stop should be the baking aisle. Most of the time, you will always get breadcrumbs in the baking aisle. They are often shelved alongside other boxes of baking mixes, such as cornmeal.

2. Bread Aisle

Since breadcrumbs are made from bread, it only makes sense that some stores would stock them in this aisle right? Breadcrumbs could be found at the end of racks in the bread aisle.

3. Grains and Pasta Section

Some people consider breadcrumbs as a type of grain, so it can also be found in this section.

4. Spices Aisle

Breadcrumbs are also used to enhance the flavor of specific recipes, so some grocery stores consider them a spice and stock them in this aisle.

5. International Aisle

Just in case you aren’t looking for regular breadcrumbs, panko breadcrumbs are usually found in the Japanese aisle, in the Asian section. The Italian breadcrumbs are also found alongside other Italian pantry items, sometimes in the spice or pasta aisle.

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Types of Breadcrumbs

To classify them broadly, breadcrumbs are either plain or seasoned. The most popular types available in most grocery stores are 

1. Regular Breadcrumbs

This is the most common type of breadcrumb around. They are made simply from any kind of bread, with no added seasonings. Whole grain, whole wheat, French and gluten-free, are the types of bread often used to make regular breadcrumbs. 

2. Panko Breadcrumbs

Panko breadcrumbs are of Asian origin. The term Panko was coined loosely from the Portuguese word “Pan”, which means “Bread” and the Japanese word “Ko”, which means “Made From”. So literally, Panko means “Made from Bread”. 

3. Italian Breadcrumbs

If you ever need seasoned breadcrumbs, this should be your preferred option. Italian breadcrumbs are regular breadcrumbs, seasoned with Italian spices like Oregon and Basil.

Where to Buy Breadcrumbs Near You

If you do not get breadcrumbs at your local grocery store, you will certainly get them at one of the stores below: 

1. Amazon

You will get different varieties of breadcrumbs at Amazon, ranging from Italian-style to regular breadcrumbs made from whole wheat. On Amazon, you can also buy breadcrumbs in bulk, which helps you cut costs. 

2. Walmart

Walmart sells almost all types of breadcrumbs there is, including Kikkoman panko breadcrumbs. The store locator on their website can also help you track the products available in each Walmart store. 

3. Target

At the spice section of Target, you will get breadcrumbs from their own brand, Simply Balanced, and other brands.

4. Whole Foods Market

You can get 356 Everyday Value Panko Breadcrumbs at Whole Foods. Whole Foods also sells bulk breadcrumbs. 

5. Safeway

Safeway carries brands like Kikkoman and Dynasty panko breadcrumbs.

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6. Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s sells quite a number of different breadcrumbs brands, such as Organic Breadcrumbs and Japanese Style Panko Breadcrumbs. 

7. Kroger

Kroger sells different varieties of breadcrumbs, including seasoned and panko types. 

8. Publix

Publix sells seasoned, unseasoned, and gluten-free breadcrumbs types. 

9. Von’s

Your local Von’s supermarket should have some types of breadcrumbs available, which could include Ian’s Italian-style breadcrumbs, or Kikkoman’s.

How to Make Breadcrumbs

It’s super easy to make breadcrumbs out of almost any leftover bread, so don’t let them go stale and go to waste. In a few minutes, you could have your own homemade fresh breadcrumbs ready to use. 

With a few more minutes, you could make dried breadcrumbs, which have a longer shelf life than fresh. Thankfully, you require only one ingredient, bread! Let’s walk you through the steps. 

How to Make Fresh Breadcrumbs

  • Firstly, cube the bread. Alternatively, you can tear it up into small sizes. This helps to give your breadcrumbs uniform granulation. 
  • Next, load the bread pieces preferably into a food processor. If you don’t have one, you can use an automatic blender. 
  • Put on the food processor, and allow it to grind the bread into fine pieces. 
  • Allow the freshly made breadcrumbs cool, and proceed to store them immediately. 

How to Make Dried Breadcrumbs

  • Take the fresh breadcrumbs you’ve just made, and spread them on a parched baking sheet. 
  • Dry them in the oven at 250° for 15 minutes or more, depending on how much moisture the bread contains. 
  • Stir it up occasionally, to ensure even heating and drying. 
  • Allow the dried crumbs cool, and store them afterward.


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