Where to Find Rose Water in Grocery Store

Would it interest you to know that rose water was the major flavoring agent for all baked goods in America and England, up until the mid-19th century?

It was added to a wide range of baked goods including cakes, custards, tarts, cookies, and even bread. Currently, rose water remains popular and is widely used in Middle Eastern, Latin, and Asian dishes. 

Save food, rose water is also a key component of many perfumes and cosmetic products. If you are trying to locate rose water in a grocery store, there are a few places it might be at. This guide would tell you which aisles to find them, as well as the grocery stores that carry them.

What Aisle is Rose Water Located in Grocery Store? 

When sourcing rose water in a grocery store, your first stop should be the international aisle. Rose water is often found amongst other Latin, Indian, or Middle Eastern foods. Some grocery stores might also have rose water shelved in the baking section or spice aisle. You may also want to check the aisles with honey, syrup sweeteners, seltzer, or sparkling water.

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Where to Buy Rose Water Near You

While the pure rose distillate is best suited for those with skin care needs, the nature of the rose water isn’t too significant in cooking. Preferably go for the pure distillate, but if you cannot find it at your local supermarket, the diluted version is also a great option.

You can also order rose water online. Some of the sure-fire places where you can get rose water include:

1. Local Health Food Stores

You can get rose water from any health food store in your city. If you do not find them in the aisles and sections recommended for you to check in this guide, you can ask the store manager. Some stores could have it available but shelved at an odd location.

2. Amazon

Amazon offers a wide range of rose water brands to choose from. If you prefer to go over an array of brands, before weighing your options and settling for one, this is the way to go. Plus, with Amazon, you have the advantage of ordering from the comfort of your home.

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3. Walmart

Walmart offers a wide range of rose water brands to choose from as well, such as Cortas Rose Water. Although, you are likely to get more options online than in physical stores. To confirm if the store close to you has rose water in stock, you can use the online store locator on their website.

4. Whole Foods

At Whole Foods, you can check the international aisle or the aisle where honey is shelved, to get rose water.

5. Kroger

Kroger has brands such as Al Wadi, Fee Brothers, and Cortas Rose Water in store. Simply head over to the beverages or international aisle.

6. Safeway

Safeway has various brands of rose water such as Fee Brothers and Cortas, in the seltzer aisle.

7. Publix

At Publix, you can get various brands of rose water both in physical stores and online. They are often found in the beverages or international aisle.

8. Ethnic Markets

Indian, Latin, and Middle Eastern ethnic markets are great places to stop by and source for rose water.

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Great Ways to Use Rose Water

Rose water has a wide array of culinary applications. Check out some of them below:

1. Use in Desserts

The list of desserts you can make with rose water is endless. It gives savor and an incredible flavor to ice creams, cakes, cookies, puddings, and much more.

2. Use in Tea Lattes

Rose water can be added to different forms of herbal tea lattes, to give you that perfect morning routine. It also pairs well with various plant milk and sweeteners.

3. Use as a Toner

Rose water can be used as a toner to ensure even skin tone, and also to soothe puffy eyes. It smells great as well, so why not?


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