Where to Find Red Currant Jelly in Supermarket

Red currant jelly remains uncancelled, whether you use it as a spread for pastries, glaze for meat, or condiments in savory dishes. It is also suitable for making sauce and dressings because of its sweet and tart flavor.

Although it is usually available year-round, you might see yourself searching the entire grocery store for it. So in this quick guide, we will answer the common question “Where is red currant jelly in the supermarket?”

Also not sure which of the supermarkets to find it?

Right, we’ll include the best stores around you to find it.

What Aisle is Red Currant Jelly in Supermarkets?

In supermarkets, red currant jelly is typically kept in the pantry department, particularly in the aisle for spreads, jams, and jelly. You will find this aisle close to the condiments aisle or near baking supplies and canned goods.

In most cases, you will find red currant jelly in the same aisle as honey, nut butter, grape jelly, raspberry jam, marmalade, etc. It makes sense since they’re all classified as toppings and spreads.

In some stores like Walmart, certain brands of red currant jelly are kept in the food section of the international aisle. If your grocery store has one, then it might be your next stop.

However, if you still can’t find it here, ask the store attendant to be sure they have it. And if they don’t, you might want to check any of these stores near you. (Check below).

What Does Red Currant Jelly Look Like in the Supermarket?

Where is red currant jelly in grocery store

Red currant jelly is usually sold in glass jars or occasionally in plastic containers. The jelly has a deep red color showcasing the vibrant hue of red currants. At the same time, the jelly is translucent or semi-transparent.

So, expect to see red currant jellies in a glass jar, featuring a label with the product name, brand, and sometimes the image of red currants. The jars can come in various sizes ranging from 8 oz to 12 oz.

Where to Buy Red Currant Jelly Near You?

1. Specialty Food Store

If your local supermarket doesn’t have red currant jelly, then it’s time to visit the nearest specialty food store. This is where to get a selection of high-quality and often hard-to-find food products.

2. Farmers’ Market

If you want freshly made red currant jelly, then the farmers’ market should be your target stop. But it might be a game over for you, if it’s outside the season of the red currant fruits, i.e. in the summer months (late June to early August).

3. Amazon

In case you prefer to order online, Amazon Fresh could be a nice option. Some products they carry are Bonne Maman and Tiptree red currant jellies.

4. Kroger

Do you have a Kroger store nearby? If yes, then it should be your next stop. Kroger keeps red currant jelly in the aisle for spreads, jelly, and honey in the pantry department. They stock Trappist, Bonne Maman, and Crosse and Blackwell red currant jellies.

5. Whole Foods

At Whole Foods stores, red currant jelly is typically among jellies and nut butter in the pantry essentials department. Bonne Maman is one key product you’ll find here.

6. HEB

Close to any HEB store? Check their jam and jelly aisle for products like Crosse & Blackwell and Bonne Maman.

7. Walmart

Walmart is large and carries a wide variety of red currant jelly products. Some of them are Mrs. Miller’s, Crosse and Blackwell, Tiptree, and Bonne Maman red currant jellies. At Walmart, red currant jelly is kept in the jams and jellies aisle as well as the international aisle.

8. Publix

Do you have any Publix stores in your neighborhood? If yes, then it’s a surefire spot to find red currant jelly. They basically carry the Publix Currant jelly brand.

9. Albertsons

Albertsons is another store near you to buy red currant jelly. Bonne Maman, Trappist, and Paradigm red currant jellies are some products they stock.

What to Consider When Buying Red Currant Jelly

You probably would come across unfamiliar brands while in the store. So when you have not tested it, how do you evaluate it and be sure it’s worth it?

Here are some tips to help you choose the best red currant jelly while in the supermarket.

1. Check the Ingredients

Red currant jelly should be 100% red currants right? However, some varieties might include other fruits or additives. Although red currant jelly is naturally sweet, some brands might add sugar.

So you want to check the list of ingredients and be sure it’s something you would tolerate.

2. Color and Transparency

Red currant jelly has a vibrant red color, reflecting the natural hue of red currants. Typically, it is also translucent. So you might want to avoid products that are overly dark and appear cloudy or opaque.

3. Product Texture

Ideally, the jelly should spread easily and should have a smooth, uniform texture without any large pieces of fruit.

Product Packaging and Authenticity

Opt for jellies packaged in glass jars because it helps to prevent their original flavor and quality. We might not say the same for those in plastic packaging.

Similarly, before you throw it into your cart, check the expiration date. Yes, red currant jelly may have a long shelf life, but it’s reasonable to see how much time is left on its shelf life.

Creative Ways to Use Red Currant Jelly in Your Dish

At this stage in your journey, it’s certain you are clear on what you need the red currant jelly for. Nevertheless, you might like these ideas on how to incorporate the jelly into your recipes.

Make Sauce for Desserts

To enjoy a burst of fruity flavor, drizzle some of it on desserts like panna cotta, cheesecake, or ice cream. Ensure you warm it slightly before using it.

Make Salad Dressings

Create a mix of tangy and sweet salad dressing by mixing red currant jelly with vinegar, olive oil, and a bit of Dijon mustard.

Use as Glaze for Meat

Create a shiny and flavorful glaze by brushing some of the jellies into grilled or roasted meat like pork, chicken, etc.

Use in Cocktail Mix

Give your cocktail a fruity twist by adding a dollop of red currant jelly to it. It works well in cocktails like margaritas and martinis.

What to Use Instead of Red Currant Jelly?

What if you have checked the supermarkets and can’t find red currant jelly? Alright, here are some alternatives you could resort to:

In conclusion, if you are still wondering where to find red currant jelly in supermarkets, you should check the jelly and jam aisle in the pantry department of the store. If it’s seemingly hard to find, ask an employee for assistance.


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