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The American grocery chain Albertsons was established in Boise, Idaho, which is also its headquarters. Albertsons can’t be said to be very expensive as its prices fall within the same range as other groceries stores in the United States.

Today, Albertsons is one of the most extensive foods and drug retailers in the US and operates under the Albertsons Companies umbrella. The company has stores under 20 well-known names in 35 states and the District of Columbia, with a strong local presence and a national footprint.

Is Albertsons Expensive?

Yes, compared to other grocery stores, Albertsons is considered expensive. A study done by Oregon Live revealed that on average, Albertsons’ products are about $1 or $2 more expensive than what they are sold in other stores in the United States.

The writers at Coldwire also support this claim when they found that Silk Almond Milk was sold for $4.79 at Albertsons. However, in Walmart, the same amount of milk and brand was sold for $3.48.

Well, some reasons are attributed to why Albertsons is relatively expensive. The cost of labor and the company’s focus on sustainability are sometimes hinged on. Some other factors may include:

  • They focus on organic products
  • They source food products from local farmers
  • They substitute plastic bags with bags of other materials. This increases overhead cost and probable cost of products
  • Albertsons implement several activities to reduce food waste and improve environmental sustainability. As such, they run into more costs, and items add a few cents or dollars to meet up.

Albertsons competes with brands like Mergers, Kroger, Walmart, Wegmans, and others. It has other subsidiary stores under different banners:

  • Safeway
  • Jewel-Osco
  • Tom Thumb
  • Star Market
  • Carrs
  • United Supermarkets and others.

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Albertsons vs Walmart

Albertsons and Walmart are well-known grocery stores that compete with other great grocery stores like Meijer, Costco, Meyer, Whole Foods, etc. Walmart is one of the largest stores in the US.

It has more brand recognition than Albertsons and offers several discounts and offers, supports PayPal, and provides order tracking assistance. However, Albertsons does not support PayPal and doesn’t assist in order tracking, but it has 3 active coupons for shopping.

Albertsons vs Wegmans

These two stores are popular in the United States and are recognized. The stores offer quality Services to their customers, selling good and affordable products.

However, Wegmans does not offer reward programs or free shipping policies. On the other hand, Albertsons dispenses discounts and promotions more frequently than Wegmans and offers loyalty programs and free shipping policies.

Albertsons vs Kroger

Kroger and Albertsons are two leading grocery stores in the United States. They offer top-notch services and ensure to satisfy their customer’s expectations.

Although Kroger dispenses discounts and promos more frequently than Albertsons, it offers free return policies, stacking of coupons, and other benefits. It has 3 active coupons.

Also, Albertsons has 4 active coupons, but it first accepts stacking of coupons, free return policies, or order tracking assistance. Note: These two grocery stores are planning to merge to compete with top stores like Amazon, Walmart, and others.

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Benefits Of Shopping at Albertsons

You may wonder why you should shop at Albertsons even when some of their products are a little pricier compared to other grocery stores. Well, here are some reasons why people like to shop at Albertsons.

  1. Customers at Albertsons can use their extra rewards to purchase fresh vegetables and over-the-counter medications. Prepaid cards sponsored by Medicare Advantage plans, employer incentives, healthcare providers, or local governments are convenient for eligible clients.
  2. As a member of the Albertsons for U program, you will receive weekly personalized specials, accrue points for all permissible purchases, use Rewards to get gas and grocery store savings, get a birthday present every year, and receive a free item each month.
  3. A local government supplement program called fresh bucks, backed by S3 and introduced in Seattle to help consumers afford fruits and vegetables, is also accepted by Albertsons Cos. The business is working on expanding Fresh Bucks and other programs to more retailers.

Some Untold Truths About Albertsons

1. Albertsons Offered Several New Features

The first Albertsons Food Center store was in Boise, Idaho; it stood out from Safeway and other grocery shops at the time in several ways. It was mostly a one-stop shop bazaar. In addition, it was enormous, measuring 10,000 square feet. 

In the late 1930s, this was around eight times larger than the average grocery store. It had commonplace components today, such as an on-site bakery that is said to have filled the new store with the aroma of baking bread. 

There were also roasted nuts, fresh popcorn, and a high-end automatic doughnut maker. Additionally, the business offered its renowned Big Joe’s handcrafted ice cream, and the shop has one of the country’s first magazine racks for grocery stores.

2. Albertsons Offers Sourced Seafood

The grocery store chain Albertsons works to carry seafood that is obtained responsibly in addition to the various measures it takes to combat climate change, including significant efficiency with electricity consumption, waste reduction, and transportation.

According to the corporate website, Albertsons has quietly teamed with the non-profit group FishWise to give its seafood-sourcing teams the knowledge necessary to locate items obtained responsibly. 

The Top 5 Sushi Commitment in 2022 was formed due to this relationship. The intention is to guarantee that the five most popular types of wild and farm-raised seafood used for sushi in its establishments are supplied ethically and sustainably.

3. Albertsons Has Multiple Subsidiaries

Albertsons Companies operate about 20 renowned grocery banners. Other businesses include; 

  • Jewel-Osco
  • Shaw’s
  • Acme
  • Randalls
  • United Supermarkets
  • Tom Thumb
  • Pavilions
  • Star Market
  • Carrs, in addition to its main name, is known as Albertsons without the apostrophe.

Safeway, a 2015 merger that is part of the Albertsons Companies, is an intriguing business. It is the same location where Joe Albertson first began. Today, Albertsons opened his first shop, which eventually grew into a massive grocery empire. The founder was a supervisor in the Safeway grocery store.

Additionally, the business purchased Plated, a meal kit delivery service that it later phased out. Now that the Plated brand is available at Albertsons shops, devoted customers can purchase all of their favorites without creating an account.

Albertsons operates more than 11,000 different goods under its brands in addition to these subsidiaries. These include; 

  • The very sustainable Waterfront Bistro 
  • Lucerne Dairy Farms
  • Value Corner
  • O Organics.

Key Takeaway…

In summary, Albertsons is not expensive. Prices of products in the store are almost the same with other top stores. We also highlighted everything you need to know about Albertsons including their subsidiary stores, the benefits of shopping at the store, the comparison with other grocery stores, and some uncommon things you need to know about the store.


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