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July 25, 2024

Does Publix Take Apple Pay?

  • Publix accepts Apple Pay as a payment option in all its stores in different locations in the United States
  • Apple Pay is accepted as a mode of payment for online and in-store purchases at Publix.

Publix is a fast-growing supermarket in the United States. Publix is a supermarket that is primarily owned by both past and current employees of the establishment as well as members of the Jenkins family since 1930 when George Jenkins opened the first Publix store, it was a food store.

With the evolution of time and technology methods of payment have also evolved to fit the times. Like other grocery stores in the United States Publix accepts various methods of payment. From cash payment to cashless payment and even contactless payment.

Does Publix Accept Apple Pay?

Yes, Apple Pay is an accepted method of payment in all Publix locations. Publix accepts the use of various payment methods; cash payment, card payment, and also contactless payment. 

The Apple Pay payment is unique to users of Apple products like iPhones, Apple watches, etc. The payment is deducted from the card linked to your apple wallet which is inbuilt into the device.

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How to use Apple Pay for in-store Purchases at Publix 

To use Apple Pay for payment, go to your apple wallet and choose your card for payment. You can add multiple payment cards to your apple device and use them to pay for your purchases. You can also choose a default card which will be used for every transaction unless another card is chosen for a specific transaction.

To make a payment double-tap on the side button of your iPhone. You will be asked to authorize the transaction via facial identification or input of the device password. Once this is done move your device close to the contactless card reader till the transaction is confirmed.

How to use Apple Pay for Online Purchases at Publix 

Online purchases from Publix are done with the Instacart app/website. To purchase items online go to your Instacart page and search for Publix and add items to your cart. Once this is done proceed to checkout and authorize the payment. 

To use Apple Pay as a payment method for shopping from Publix with Instacart, choose Apple Pay as one of your payment methods. Shop as normal and at the checkout choose Apple to pay as a payment method and authorize the payment. Instacart offers both doorstep delivery and curbside pickup for items purchased.

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Other methods of Payments Accepted at Publix 

Publix is a modern grocery store with multiple payment choices from cash payment to the new and evolved contactless payment method. 

1. Cash payment

Items purchased in-store at Publix can easily be paid for using physical cash. This is the most widespread payment method there is.

2. Card payment

This payment is also very popular. Some accepted card payment platforms at Publix are; MasterCard, Visa card, American Express, credit cards, and Debit cards. To use these methods of payment, you have to swipe your card in a card reader and input your unique card pin to initiate payment.

3. Contactless payment

This method of payment became very popular during the period of the COVID-19 global pandemic. This method does not require any form of contact between the buyer and the seller. To make a payment all you have to do is place your device in proximity to the contactless card reading machine. Sometimes you might be required to authenticate the payment by facial verification or the device pin. Some accepted contactless payment methods in Publix are; Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

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4. Food stamps

The United States government has a number of food aid programs to help assist low-income families in purchasing food items. Some accepted food stamps at Publix are the SNAP Electronic benefits transfer (EBT) cards and WIC program (women infants and children).

Does Publix Accept PayPal?

PayPal is one of the most widespread digital payment platforms with an option from over 200 countries and at least 10 different currencies. Most affiliated grocery stores accept PayPal as a payment option. To use PayPal as a payment method in Publix stores you must link your PayPal account with a contactless payment account such as; Google pay, or Samsung Pay.

So, there you go on whether Publix takes Apple Pay or not. If you still have more questions, kindly drop them in the comment.


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