February 21, 2024

Whether you want to make homemade hummus, salad, or pasta dishes, pine nuts have a way of upgrading the flavor and quality. If you are in the grocery store, or about heading out to one but wondering where to find pine nuts in the grocery store, this post is specifically for you.

Which Grocery Store Aisle Are Pine Nuts in?

Pine nuts are usually kept in the baking aisle and snacks aisle of grocery stores. You will find different brands of products in bags or jars sitting close to other dried fruits and nuts like cashew, roasted pecans, peanuts, etc

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List of where to buy pine nuts (online and in-store)

If you do not want to leave your house or planning to use pine nuts in the future, you can easily order a packet or more of it on Amazon. Some of the top-selling brands include Diamond of California, Nature’s Eat, and Yupik.

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You can also get it in any of your favorite grocery stores and in any of these stores listed below.

1. Safeway

At Safeway, you will find pine nuts in the baking aisle. Open nature and Diamond of California are some of the brands you will find there.

2. Publix

If you love shopping at Publix, you can pick pine nuts in the baking products aisle of the grocery section. You will probably find products from Badia, Diamond, and Good Sense.

3. Walmart

You will find pine nuts at Walmart in the snacks aisle. They carry lots of products including It’s Delish, Oh! Nuts, Great Value, Fisher, etc.

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4. Sam’s Club

At Sam’s Club, you can pick the Member’s Mark Organic pine nuts. They are stocked in the baking goods aisle. You will likely find other brands also.

5. Wegmans

Like to shop at Wegmans? You can pick from several brands of pine nuts available at the store. Look for pine nuts at Wegmans in the baking ingredients aisle and snacks aisle.

6. Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods keep different pine nuts products in the snacks aisle. 365 and Aurora Natural are some of them. Walk in and get it if you have any of their stores nearby or if you like shopping there.

7. Kroger

Kroger stocks pine nuts in the spice and baking aisle. You can get pine nuts in bulk at Kroger also. They carry packaged brands like Now Real Foods pine nuts, Kirkland Signature, Woodstock, Shiloh Farm, and so on.

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8. Target

Check the snacks aisle at Target for Good and Gather pine nuts products.

Best Pine Nut Alternatives

It is unlikely not to find pine nuts in the grocery store. But if you did not succeed, here is a list of pine nuts alternatives as suggested by several experts:

  • Chopped and toasted cashew
  • Toasted almond
  • Pistachios
  • Pecans
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Macadamia nuts
  • Hazelnuts
  • Walnut

Pine Nut Recipes to Try Today

There are several things you can make with pine nuts. Here is a list of different ways people use pine nuts and what they make out of them.

  • Make pestos sauce
  • Enhance flavor in hummus
  • Garnish Mediterranean braised chicken
  • Make pignoli cookies
  • Garnish lemon arugula salad
  • Make Mediterranean zucchini boat
  • Used in the Mediterranean quinoa salad
  • Added to chicken pesto pizza
  • Making scallop pesto pasta
  • Garnish Asian pasta salad
  • Making mushroom orzo pasta

There are unlimited ways that you can incorporate pine nuts into your diet. Here is but a few of them.

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