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July 21, 2024

Does Costco Accept Apple Pay?

  • Costo accepts apple pay as a payment method in most of its branches
  • In the United States, only Visa cards are authorized for Apple Pay and payments in Costco stores.

Near Field Communication (NFC) devices are quite the rage as payment methods in today’s modern world. Gradually the world is evolving into a cashless era. One major NFC platform is the Apple Pay payment platform.

This platform allows users with Apple devices to conduct payments using their mobile devices. Debit cards, Credit cards, and other payment methods like PayPal can be linked to the Apple Pay account for payment. Other NFC platforms are; Google pay, Samsung pay, Android pay, etc.

Costo is a large retail chain with branches in North America, some selected locations in Latin America, and even in Asia. Costco has many ancillary businesses ranging from grocery stores to gas stations, pharmacies, optical and hearing aid centers, and even travel agencies. Being the 3rd largest retail business in the world today, it’s not a surprise if they support a variety of payment methods. 

Does Costco Accept Apple Pay?

Costo accepts Apple Pay as a payment method in most of its stores. However, if you intend to pay with Apple Pay, you might want to keep an eye out for an NFC machine at the checkout point. If there are no NFC machines it implies that Apple Pay and any other contactless payment method are not accepted in that shop.

To use Apple Pay at a Costco store in the United States, you must have a Visa card as your default payment card. No other payment card is accepted at Costco, as such any payment attempted with a different card will most likely fail.  However, in Canada, Apple Pay services can be authorized and charged from any payment card. There are no limitations to the choice of cards in Canada.

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Do Costco Gas Stations Accept Apple Pay?

Not all Costco gas stations accept Apple Pay as a payment method, you might want to check for an NFC scanner to confirm if it’s an accepted payment method in your chosen location.

The methods of payment at Costco gas stations are similar to that of Costco stores. In the United States, only Apple Pay accounts linked with Visa debit or credit cards are authorized for payment. You can also use other NFC payment methods like Google Pay and Samsung Pay in place of Apple Pay.

NFC payment methods are a much safer alternative to credit cards since each transaction portal is unique and highly encrypted and cannot be stolen or used to perform other transactions.

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Does Costco Pharmacy Accept Apple Pay?

Like other sections of Costco, Apple Pay is an accepted mode of payment. To complete payment for items purchased, scan the QR code to determine the cost of payment. You can use your Apple Pay app to do this or ask a cashier to help you scan the items.

Once this is completed, you can proceed to use your apple pay service to authenticate payment either through the use of facial identification or the device pin. Other digital wallets such as Google Pay, Samsung Pay, etc can also be used for payment at the Costco pharmacy.

What is Costco’s Online Shopping Payment Method

Costo supports the use of various pin-based debit cards as payment for online purchases. Payment is not restricted to only Visa cards. You can shop for items using your Master card and other ATM cards. Costco online shopping also supports the use of discover cards and Costo shopping card.

Other Accepted Payment Methods at Costco Stores

Costo accepts multiple payment methods, including cash payment, cashless payment, and contactless payment, food stamps, and gift cards.

Here’s a list of some accepted payment methods in Costco warehouses 

  1. Visa cards (debit and credit cards)
  2. Most pin-based ATM cards 
  3. Cash
  4. Costco shopping card
  5. Business checks
  6. Membership cards
  7. EBT card
  8. Mobile/ contactless payment options (apple pay, Google pay, Samsung Pay, android pay, etc.)

Payment Methods in Costco Gas Stations

  1. All Visa cards
  2. Costco shopping card
  3. Pin-based ATM debit cards
  4. Payment methods on the Costco website
  1. Visa cards
  2. MasterCard
  3. Costco shopping card
  4. Pin-based ATM debit cards

There you go on whether Costco accepts Apple Pay. If you still have any questions, kindly drop them in the comment.


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