Where is Tahini in Safeway?

An average Safeway grocery store can be as big as forty-five thousand square kilometers and finding without direction can be extremely tedious. Sometimes you end up spending more time than planned and maybe buying things you didn’t plan for. Having a general location of a particular item saves you time, energy, and even cash.

Finding condiments like tahini can be a bit of a hassle. So where is tahini in Safeway? The answer to this is what we have discussed in the following paragraph.

Where is Tahini in Safeway?

You will find organic tahini at Safeway in the aisle for condiments, spreads, and dressings. It usually sits amongst nut spreads like peanut butter and miso paste.

The next place to check for tahini in Safeway is in the international food section. But note that the international section is separated into different regions. So you might have to look for tahini in the Middle Eastern region, especially among aisles for Indian food.

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Where Else to Buy Tahini Near You

If you cannot get to a Safeway store, there are other popular stores where you can also shop for Tahini.

1. Walmart

At Walmart,  you can find tahini in the organic food section or the gluten-free section. You can also find it in the condiment aisle alongside gourmet oil and nut butter.

If you still can’t find it there you might want to check the natural food aisle near the Mediterranean and Eastern food sections. Walmart stock tahini in brands like Tahim, Roland, Haddar, and Baron’s Kosher are all popular choices and it usually costs between $9-$15.

2. Kroger

At Kroger, tahini is usually kept in the international food aisle amongst the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food sections. Tahini can also be found in aisle 9 with other food condiments and dressings.

3. Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s was among the first store to start selling tahini. There, you will find the organic tahini among sauces and other condiments. They also carry tahini from different brands and of different flavors.

Where to Buy Tahini Online

You can also avoid all of these hassles by ordering Tahini online. You might have to wait awhile so it’s best to place your order a day or two before the time you’re supposed to use it. Here’s a list of places you can buy Tahini online

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Soom Foods
  • Thrive Market
  • Instacart
  • Hive Brands

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Best Alternatives of Tahini

In case you find it difficult to purchase a jar of Tahini, it might be a lot easier if you use a close substitute that serves the same purpose in texture and taste.

However, you must remember that these substitutes might alter the taste of what you might be preparing. Blending sesame oil into the substitute might help get you closer to the Tahini taste.

  • Cashew butter is of a similar texture as Tahini sauce although it’s sweet compared to the bitter Tahini 
  • Peanut butter is of the same consistency as Tahini and can easily replace in a recipe, but you have to regulate the amount used since peanut butter has a stronger flavor.
  • Sesame oil can be used in place of Tahini for those who want the taste of sesame without the texture of Tahini.
  • Almond butter has a sweet and bitter taste and is of the same thickness as Tahini this makes it a perfect substitute.

Other great Tahini substitutes are Sunflower butter, Black sesame paste, Greek yogurt, macadamia nut butter, hempseed butter, roast coconut paste, etc.

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Health benefits of Tahini

  • It can help control blood pressure
  • It can prevent anemia
  • It acts as an antioxidant
  • It can also help lower inflammation in the body 
  • Tahini might help improve your brain health which n turn reduces the risk of developing mental illnesses like dementia.
  • Sesame seeds and oil have been found to have cancer cells killing effects, so consuming Tahini might help the body fight against cancer.
  • Tahini has antibacterial properties and is used in treating wounds in some places.
  • Sesame seeds contain compounds that can help protect the liver and kidneys from damage since tahini is produced from sesame seeds consuming Tahini will be beneficial to your health.

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There you go! If you can’t find any of the brands of Tahini at Safeway, you might want to go for alternatives. But make sure you check the condiment aisle or the refrigerator in the deli properly.

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