May 20, 2024

Where is Ghee in Grocery Store?

If you are cooking up a recipe that calls for ghee, and wondering where it is located in grocery stores, we will point you to the aisles to check. We would also share a list of our favorite ghee brands, and great alternatives you can use in its place.

What Aisle is Ghee Located in Grocery Stores?

When on the hunt for ghee in grocery stores, your first stop should be the dairy section. Being a form of clarified butter, ghee has had its moisture and milk solids removed. This makes it a shelf-stable product hence, it requires no refrigeration. So you are unlikely to find ghee in the refrigerated area of the grocery store.

Ghee is also commonly stocked in the baking aisle, close to cooking oils, shortening, flour, sugar, and other baking ingredients. If your grocery store has an international or ethnic aisle, you can also check the Middle Eastern section for different ghee brands.

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Top 5 Best Ghee Brands

Ghee mostly comes in plastic or glass jars of various sizes. It appears yellowish, just like butter, but the color often takes on a tinge of golden brown, when compared to the paleness of regular butter. Some brands also make ghee in packets, while some package it in plastic, squeezable bottles like ketchup.

There are several brands of ghee on the market, and choosing the best one from the multiple options available could be exasperating. Save the various store brands, here are a few of our best choices:

  • Ancient Organics
  • Pure Indian Foods
  • 4th & Heart
  • Organic Valley
  • Tin Star Foods.

Where to Buy Ghee Near You

1. Amazon

On Amazon, there are several dozens of ghee brands to choose from, including Ancient Organics and Pure Indian Foods. Amazon also offers door-to-door delivery services, and you can have your ghee delivered as promptly as the day after the order was placed. 

2. Walmart

Walmart is the biggest grocery chain in the United States, so you can definitely shop for ghee from any of its stores. If you do not want to stop by any of their local stores, you can also order ghee online and have it delivered to your preferred location. Walmart often stocks ghee in the baking aisle with cooking oils and other baking items. 

3. Kroger

In Kroger stores that carry ghee, you are likely to find various brands in the aisle that carries cooking oils. Kroger also offers shipping services for pantry items to the buyer’s address.

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4. Target

You can pick up various brands of ghee at any Target store, or order it online instead. 

5. Publix

The south and south-eastern Publix grocery chains, stock ghee on the same aisle with oils and baking items. 

6. Costco

Ghee is well-known for its characteristic nutty flavor. So, if you walk into any Costco store and do not find ghee in the baking or dairy section, you can head to the aisle that carries nut butter and jams. 

7. Aldi

At Aldi, look for ghee in the baking aisle that carries oils and cake mixes.

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8. Meijer

Meijer is a mid-western grocery store chain. This makes it an excellent spot to shop for various brands of ghee. At Meijer stores, ghee is often categorized alongside other pantry items in the baking aisle. 

9. Thrive Market

Thrive Market is a popular specialty store that requires yearly membership. They have a variety of ghee brands available. Plus, if you are big on customer engagement, Thrive Market has a vibrant fan base community on YouTube.

Best Substitutes for Ghee

Ghee is lactose-free, and a preferable option to most cooking oils. This makes it a priced ingredient in most recipes. However, ghee might not always be available at your local grocery stores. If that’s the case, we recommend that you try out one of these alternatives. Here are what you can use in place of ghee:

1. Butter

Butter is one of the best alternatives to ghee there is. Although it does not have the characteristic nutty taste, it would give your dish the much-needed buttery flavor. You can use fresh butter in a 1:1 ratio for any recipe as you would ghee. Real dairy butter and vegan butter made from oils are preferable to margarine, for excellent flavor and texture.

2. Olive Oil

While any oil could work as a replacement for ghee, high-quality virgin olive oil has a rich, nutty taste that would give a similar flavor profile to your dish. When using olive oil, use three-quarters the amount of ghee you would have used for the recipe. 

Other forms of refined oils such as canola, safflower, vegetable, corn, avocado, and coconut oil also make good alternatives. While three-fourths of the aforementioned oils should be used in the recipe, you can use a 1:1 ratio of coconut oil.


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