May 20, 2024

List of Stores that Accept EBT Cards (Food Stamps/ SNAP Benefits)

The government food aid program SNAP (Supplementary Nutritional Assistance Program) helps many low-income families pay for food items. The SNAP benefits are paid monthly into an electronic benefits transfer account (EBT) and this in turn can be used for payment of SNAP-eligible items with the aid of an EBT card.

As a new SNAP beneficiary figuring your way around the EBT card usage, it might not be clear which stores accept EBT payments. Some stores have signs by the door, but not all of them do. This article has a detailed list of stores that accept EBT card payments.

List of Stores that Accept EBT Cards

Most grocery stores are registered with SNAP and accept EBT cards as a means of payment for both online and in-store purchases. Here is a list of these stores that take EBT:

  1. A&J Select Market
  2. Albertsons
  3. Aldi
  4. Amazon
  5. Amazon
  6. Apple Market
  7. Basha’s (Food City)
  8. BJ’s Wholesale Club
  9. Bratcher’s Market
  10. Brookshire’s Food and Pharmacy
  11. Brothers Marketplace
  12. Marketplace
  13. Broulim’s
  14. Buche Foods
  15. Buehler’s Fresh Foods
  16. Burkholder’s Market
  17. Cameron Market
  18. Capri IGA
  19. Cardenas Markets
  20. Carlie C’s
  21. Cartwheel RI
  22. Cash Saver
  23. Compare Foods
  24. Costco
  25. Cottman Food Market
  26. Country Mart
  27. Daily Table
  28. Dan’s Fresh Market
  29. Dash’s Market
  30. Dave’s Supermarket, Inc. DBA Dave’s Supermarket
  31. Davis Food and Drug
  32. Deep Roots Market
  33. Dick’s Fresh Market
  34. Dillons
  35. Dollar General
  36. Earth Fare
  37. Eddie’s Country Store
  38. Ernie’s Food Market
  39. ExtraMile by Jacksons
  40. Fairplay Foods
  41. FavTrip Independence
  42. FavTrip KCMO
  43. Ferreira Foodtown
  44. FireLake Discount Foods
  45. Food 4 Less
  46. Food Bazaar
  47. Food Circus Super Markets, Inc. DBA Super
  48. Foodtown
  49. Food City
  50. Food Lion
  51. FoodMaxx
  52. Foodtown
  53. Foodtown-Freshtown
  54. FRESH by Brookshire’s
  55. FreshDirect
  56. Freshfields Farm
  57. Froogel’s
  58. Garden Fresh Market
  59. Geissler’s Supermarket
  60. Geresbeck’s Food Market
  61. Giant Eagle
  62. Giant of Maryland
  63. Gong’s IGA Market
  64. Gourmet Garage
  65. Greer’s Cash Saver
  66. H.G. Hill Foods Store
  67. Hannaford
  68. Harps Food Stores
  69. Harts Local Grocers
  70. H-E-B
  71. Hitchcock’s Markets
  72. Hometown Market of Limestone County
  73. Hornbacher’s
  74. Hub on the Hill
  75. Hugo’s Family Marketplace
  76. Jacksons Food Stores
  77. JC’s Market and Food Kitchen
  78. Jewel Osco
  79. Joe V’s Smart Shop
  80. Just Dash It
  81. Kroger
  82. Lewis Food Town
  83. Lin’s Fresh Market
  84. Lou Perrine’s Gas and Grocery
  85. Lucky Supermarkets
  86. Lucky’s
  87. Macey’s
  88. Mackenthun’s Fine Foods
  89. Manhattan Fruit Market
  90. Manito Super 1 Foods, Inc.
  91. Marino’s Market
  92. Martin’s
  93. McKinnon’s Supermarkets
  94. Meijer
  95. Memphis Cash Saver
  96. Metropolis Big John Grocery
  97. Mignosi’s Super Foodtown
  98. Miller and Son’s Supermarket
  99. Mt. Plymouth Grocery
  100. My Foodtown
  101. Nam Dae Mun Farmers Market
  102. New Pioneer Food Co-op
  103. Opie Drive-Thru Grocery
  104. Phelps Market
  105. Piggly Wiggly (Deatsville)
  106. Piggly Wiggly (HAC)
  107. Pioneer Supermarket
  108. Price Chopper Supermarkets
  109. Price CutterHays Supermarket
  110. Price Mart
  111. Price Rite
  112. Ptacek’s IGA
  113. Publix
  114. Pyramid Foods
  115. Ramsey’s Market
  116. Rancho San Miguel Markets
  117. Randalls
  118. Reasor’s
  119. Roche Bros
  120. Rosauers Supermarkets
  121. Safeway
  122. Sam’s Club Scan and Go
  123. Sam’s Club
  124. Save Mart Supermarkets
  125. Schneider’s of Kirkwood
  126. Schnuck’s Market
  127. Shaws
  128. Shoppers Value Foods (Macon)
  129. ShopRite
  130. Skip’s on the Ridge
  131. Sliced Bread Market
  132. Smith’s Food and Drug
  133. Sooner Foods
  134. Spencer Cash Saver
  135. Sprouts Farmers Market
  136. St. Marys Galaxy
  137. Stauffers of Kissel Hill
  138. Strack and Van Til
  139. Super 1 Foods Brookshires
  140. Super King Market
  141. Superlo Foods
  142. Target
  143. The Market by Superior
  144. TheFresh Grocer
  145. Tom Thumb
  146. Tony’s Fresh Market
  147. Tops Market
  148. Town and Country
  149. Tozier’s Family Market
  150. Trader Joe’s
  151. Ukura’s Big Dollar
  152. United Supermarkets
  153. Vons
  154. Walgreens
  155. Walmart
  156. Warehouse Market
  157. Weis Markets
  158. WinCo Foods
  159. Woodman’s Markets
  160. Yoke’s Fresh Market

List of Fast Foods that Accept EBT Payment

Although SNAP benefits do not cover already prepared meals there are some exceptions and situations where people might be able to pay for their purchases with EBT cards at fast food restaurants. Only SNAP beneficiaries above the age of 60 are eligible to use EBT cards at fast food restaurants under the Restaurant Meal Program. Below is a list of restaurants that accept EBT cards under the Restaurant Meal Program:

  1. Dairy Queen
  2. Blimpie
  3. Carl’s Jr
  4. El Pollo Loco
  5. Papa Murphy’s
  6. Pizza Hut
  7. Wendy’s
  8. Popeye’s
  9. Jamba Juice
  10. McDonald’s
  11. Denny’s
  12. Rally’s
  13. Jack in the Box
  14. Domino’s Pizza
  15. Kentucky-based fried chicken (KFC)
  16. Taco Bell
  17. Subway
  18. Burger King

How to use EBT cards as a Payment Method

Some grocery stores will automatically separate SNAP-eligible items from non-eligible items and deduct the money from your SNAP benefits account at the cash-out register.

Most stores, however, require you to separate them manually and pay for them. Be sure to confirm if your purchases are SNAP-eligible. At the register swipe your EBT card as you would a regular credit or debit card and input your card pin to authorize the payment.

List of SNAP-eligible Food Items

Now that we know which stores accept EBT card payments, let’s take a look at the items you can purchase with your EBT card at these locations. SNAP benefits only cover food items that can provide nutritional value to the family. Here are some of these items;

  • Freshly slaughtered Meat and fish
  • Poultry products like chicken, turkey, eggs, etc.
  • Dairy products like cheese and milk
  • Snacks like pretzels, chips, cookies, biscuits, etc.
  • Non-alcoholic beverages such as fruit drinks, yogurt, bottled water, etc.
  • Baby formula
  • Cooking oil
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits
  • Bread, spices, and seasonings
  • Spreads, dips, and sweeteners
  • Seed plants that can be grown to feed the family, etc.
  • Baking materials like flour, sugar, butter, yeast, baking powder, etc.

List of items that cannot be purchased with EBT cards/SNAP Benefits

Since SNAP benefits only cover food items of nutritional value, food items or anything that does not offer nutritional value to the body are considered ineligible items and cannot be purchased with EBT cards or any form of SNAP benefits. Some of these items include the following;

  •  Alcoholic beverages, liquor, and beer.
  • Tobacco products like cigarettes
  • Live animals
  • Food that can be eaten in the store
  • Cosmetics
  • Baby diapers
  • Drugs, vitamins, and Food supplements
  • Cleaning supplies and toiletries
  • Food served hot like fast food (hamburgers, doughnuts, hotdogs, etc.) with the exception of beneficiaries of the Restaurant Meal Program (RMP).

Requirements for SNAP Eligibility

Some basic things are required to be considered eligible for SNAP benefits. To qualify for SNAP benefits:

  1. The total income of the family should be at or lower than 130% of the poverty line. For a family of three, the poverty line used by SNAP is $1920. So, for instance, a family of three with a total monthly income of $2956 or lower will be eligible for SNAP benefits. The poverty line increases with the size of the family. It’s higher for a bigger family and smaller for a small family.
  2. Net income after deductions by the benefits should be at or lower than the poverty line to be eligible for SNAP benefits.
  3. Assets of the family must fall below the poverty line based on the classification of the members. Families with any elderly or disabled people must have a total asset of $2750 or less. While families with elderly or disabled can have total assets of $4250. 
  4. In the calculation of the family’s income, cash earned from jobs is considered also any form of financial aid including child support is considered and summed up to get the family’s gross income.
  5. In the aspect of assets, all resources the family can use to purchase food items are considered, including money in the bank. Most times cars and other automobiles including household are not considered by SNAP as part of the family’s assets.

Who is not eligible for SNAP Benefits 

Although SNAP benefits are aimed at helping low-income citizens cater to their food needs, not everyone is eligible for SNAP benefits. Some of the people not eligible include;

  • Undocumented immigrants
  • Unemployed adult citizens who do not have children living with them.
  • People living alone
  • College Students
  • Adults without disability problems

Sometimes for three months every three years, adults living without children or any form of disability might be considered and allowed to enjoy SNAP benefits.

How to Apply for SNAP Benefits 

To apply for SNAP benefits a few key steps are required.

Step 1: Put together all the necessary documents that might be required to verify the family’s income and assets. These include 

  • Tax bills.
  • Insurance bills
  • Rent/mortgage statement
  • Social security card
  • Valid means of identification
  • Proof of cost of living

Step 2: Log on to the SNAP portal to begin the registration process

Step 3: Answer all the necessary questions about your family

Step 4: Finally submit your application

Alternatively, to online registration, you can also get a printed form from the nearest Human resource office and begin your application procedure. You can also call the DTA office to help begin the application procedure.

How Long Does the Verification Process Take?

After the application procedure, it usually takes 30 days to get a verdict on whether you qualify or not. During this period all your submitted documents will be verified. You can speed up the consideration process by applying for expedited consideration. This usually takes 5-7 days.

If your application has been approved a mail will be sent to you with the number of benefits you are eligible for. In the case of an unapproved application, the reasons will be stated in the letter sent to you. If you wish to appeal for reconsideration, the steps on what you have to do will be attached to the letter sent to you.

How to Access Benefits

Once your application is received you will be sent an Electronic benefits transfer (EBT) card. This card is linked to your benefits account and can only be used to purchase SNAP-eligible items. The list of items that can and cannot be bought with SNAP benefits has already been listed earlier.

How Long do SNAP Benefits Last?

Depending on the program available to your family SNAP benefits can expire once that duration is concluded. The duration of SNAP benefits is dependent on the number of people in the family and sometimes their disability status might also affect the duration. Families where there are no children or spouses, usually have a three-month program after which recertification will be required. Each family enjoys benefits for different durations, ranging from a month up to two years. Once this period expires, you will have to recertify your application to continue using SNAP benefits. Before the expiration date for your benefits, you might receive a mail to remind you to recertify.

How to Apply for Recertification

Once your SNAP benefits expire, recertification is required for you to continue enjoying the benefits. You can find the recertification form online or pick it up from the human resources office. Once this form is submitted you are required to attend an interview on a specific date. Submission of additional documents might be requested, so you have to be prepared for that.

Where can I use SNAP Benefits?

Many big grocery chains and other stores have partnered with SNAP to provide food to the general public and users of SNAP. Below is a list of some places you can use your SNAP EBT card

  • Most grocery stores (Walmart, Amazon, Trader Joe’s, Kroger, Target, etc.)
  • Pharmacies like Walgreens where you can purchase food items.
  • Gas station
  • Convenience stores
  • Farmer’s Market
  • Specialty stores etc.
  • Instacart (the EBT card will only cover the payment of the food items, additional costs such as tips and delivery fees will have to be covered with an alternative payment method.


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