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July 24, 2024

Does Trader Joe’s Take Apple Pay?

  • Trader Joe’s is one of the first big-name grocery stores to support Apple Pay as a payment method.
  • Apple Pay is a fintech application for iOS users that came into the spotlight in 2014 and has since been integrated into diverse retail outlets such as Trader Joe’s.

The Trader Joe’s store is famous for offering nutritional food items in the United States. The chain of grocery stores have since been in existence since the 1970s with its headquarters located in California, and its diverse sub-stores spread across the United States. 

Although the store started as a convenience store, it has since expanded into a grocery store while gaining billions of customers across the United States while adopting diverse forms of payment such as Apple pay.

Does Trader Joe’s Take Apple Pay?

Trader Joe’s has since integrated the Apple pay mobile payment platform in 2015 while giving customers alternative payment solutions to complete purchases. Trader Joe’s has also adopted other payment non-contact and contact payment solutions.

Using Apple Pay at Trader Joe’s is a straightforward process, just like every other regular cashless mode of payment. Perhaps the only blemish is that it’s only available for iOS devices – then again, Android users also have their Google Pay equivalent.

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How Does Apple Pay Works?

Apple Pay is one of the fastest non-contact payment methods for grocery shoppers looking to go cashless. Here’s how it works.

  • First, you want to ensure you have the Apple Pay app installed on your smartphone or iWatch before shopping.
  • Complete your shopping and proceed to the cashier’s counter.
  • Unlock your iOS device using your set security method.
  • You will be asked to raise your iOS device opposite the scanner at Trader Joe’s.
  • You will be prompted to confirm your identity via touch or face ID to authenticate your payment at Trader Joe’s.

The Apple Pay app is extensively accessible on all iOS devices; thus, you can use your watch or iPad to make payments if you don’t plan to enter the grocery store with your phone.

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The Benefits of using Apple Pay at Trader Joe’s

  • You stand a chance of receiving discounts on the payment of goods and services.
  • It is a secure and convenient mode of payment.
  • It is faster than most payment methods, and a newbie can have it set up in less than a minute.
  • It is a contactless mode of payment whilst protecting you from germs.
  • Trader Joe’s will not impose any form of a levy on you for using the Apple pay payment platform, but will rather reward you with a 3% chargeback on your order.
  • Choosing an online payment method such as Apple pay provides you the opportunity to receive 3% cash back and rewards which can be used to make other purchases or save more. Shoppers get to enjoy these chargeback rewards anytime without any form of limitations.

Methods of using Apple Pay at Trader Joe’s

You can use the following methods to authenticate or complete your payment transaction at Trader Joe’s. The following methods of authentication are set in place to act as security checks, in other to prevent impersonators from using your Apple pay account to order goods and services online.

1. Touch ID:

This is the most famous method of verification at Trader Joe’s. It is also regarded as one of the easiest modes of verification since users are only obligated to place their fingers on their touch ID icon for less than a second.

2. Facial ID:

This is another popular mode of verification where users only have to place the phone opposite their face and stare into the phone for less than 2 seconds to verify their facial identity.

3. Apple Watch:

This is an alternative mode of authenticating your payment transaction at Trader Joe’s. However, this method is not widely used because it takes more time when compared with the touch and facial ID mode of verification. Shoppers who opt for the Apple watch mode of verification are required to double-click on the right side of their watch and enter their unique passcode before they can use the watch to complete their payments. 

It is important to note that the above methods of verification will be required only after you’ve finished shopping, and are ready for checkout from the Trader Joe’s store. Shoppers may also choose to pay with other payment methods such as; paying with cash, bank cards, and diverse forms of mobile payment such as Google pay, and Samsung pay, and you can even pay with a bank cheque from accredited banks.


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