June 15, 2024

Mortein Nigeria partners with Retail Chain, Marketsquare to further fight against malaria

As part of its activities in the Fight to end Malaria in Nigeria, Reckitt Nigeria, the manufacturers of Mortein Insecticide, has announced a collaboration around malaria prevention and education with Sundry Markets Limited, owners of Marketsquare.

Marketsquare is Nigeria’s emerging grocery retail chain – a place where Nigerians can go to find their trusted brands of groceries at the best prices.
According to the 2023 World Malaria Report by the World Health Organisation (WHO), 22 persons die every hour due to malaria in Nigeria, and One out of 3 deaths from malaria globally occur in Nigeria.

The partnership between Mortein and Marketsquare was made official with a contract signing ceremony held at the latter’s offices in Port-Harcourt is aimed at intensifying efforts in the fight against malaria in Nigeria.
The partnership is dedicated to enhancing public awareness about malaria prevention, which remains a significant public health issue in Nigeria. Mortein, known for its effectiveness in Killing 100% Mosquitoes, is leading the initiative within it’s category under the campaign, “Fight to End Malaria”.

As part of the collaboration, Mortein will distribute educational flyers, conduct malaria and general health checks, and utilize in-store communications at select Marketsquare locations across Nigeria in a bid to educate shoppers on malaria prevention strategies.
Head of Modern Trade, Reckitt Nigeria, Gbenga Olotu, speaking on the need for the partnership stated “Mortein’s purpose is driven by a commitment to protect families from pest-borne diseases like malaria, and we are happy to partner with Marketsquare who are also committed to corporate social responsibilities in all the cities which they are present in around Nigeria.

The theme for the 2024 World Malaria Day is “Accelerate the Fight against Malaria for a More Equitable World”. This global call to action underscores Mortein and Marketsquare’s campaign to end this deadly disease through increased awareness and preventive measures.

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