June 17, 2024

Dr Amuda, Green Remedies International boss gets Doctorate in Health Sciences

Dr Quazeem Amuda, the Managing Director of Green Remedies International Limited, has once again been celebrated for his exceptional contributions to the world of herbal medicine. Following his recent accolades as the recipient of the Yoruba Youth Humanitarian Icon of the Year award by the Yoruba Youth Assembly worldwide, the Excellence in Business Award at the Ogun State Business Awards, and the Herbal Company of the Year at the Ghana Nigeria Achiever Award, Dr. Amuda’s illustrious journey has reached another pinnacle of recognition as he was recently bestowed with a distinguished honor by the esteemed Chartered Institute of Public Resources and Management, Ghana. Amuda was conferred with an Honorary Doctorate in Health Medical Sciences (Honoris Causa). Acknowledging his outstanding leadership and efforts in the herbal medicine industry, this prestigious recognition underscores his stand-fast commitment to promoting holistic healthcare solutions, not only within Nigeria but across the African continent and beyond.

Dr. Amuda’s steadfast commitment to excellence has earned him recognition within Nigeria and positioned him as a respected figure in the herbal medicine Industry across the African continent and beyond. Amuda’s efforts have paved the way for a new era of holistic healing, enriching the lives of countless individuals worldwide.

The Impact of His company, Green Remedies International Limited has extended far beyond borders through a wide range of distribution network catering to a global list of people seeking natural healthcare solutions. Known for its quality and effective herbal medicines, Green Remedies International has a wide range of Herbal products that cut across different health challenges. As one of the most prolific companies that is known for Combining Natural power with proven scientific research, Green Remedies International has helped countless Africans to get out of health problems through their African Traditional Medicines. Some months ago, the company launched an online store herbal which was one of it’s kind in Nigeria and west Africa www.greenremediesintl.com/shop
According to Amuda, the online store is expected to ease the process of getting all their herbal products for their customers across every continent of the world.

Dr. Amuda Said… “Although for years, many of our customers are used to going through our social
media channels like Instagram ( @GreenRemedies_Intl GreenremediesIntl ) and
whatsapp ( +2348022826561 ) whenever they are in need of our herbal products. But the recent development of web store will make things easier. Through the web store, you can simply select the product you want and send your order while you get it delivered to your doorstep within 2-3 working days. All you need is to visit our

Website: www.greenremediesintl.com/shop

INSTAGRAM 1: instagram.com/greenremedies_intl

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