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July 25, 2024

EPL: Lehmann identifies what’ll cost Arsenal title

Arsenal legend Jens Lehmann has reckoned that the Gunners being too cautious would cost them the Premier League title this season.

Mikel Arteta’s side are currently leading the title race with 80 points from 35 games.

Man City, meanwhile, are second with 79 points from 34 matches.

“They are very different from us in terms of their approach—much more cautious and slower with the ball. Physically, they run a lot more and have more high-intensity runs but they don’t play faster than us because we were a one-touch team,” Lehmann said (via Daily Mail).

“They all take three, four touches at a time. And if you are too cautious in football, you can’t win trophies. Most of the time, the bravest teams win the league. I would love them to win the title but that has cost them in certain games.”

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