Award contracts to competent contractors not cronies – APM tells Adeleke

The Osun State chapter of the Allied Peoples Movement, APM, has called on Governor Ademola Adeleke to prioritise competence and merit in awarding contracts, rather than favouring cronies and political allies.

The party said it gathered that the Adeleke administration is giving contracts to cronies to fund his second-term ambition

In a statement issued on Sunday by the Chairman of the party, Wale Adebayo, he urged Governor Adeleke to ensure transparency and accountability in his administration’s procurement processes and to allow qualified and competent contractors to contribute to the development of the state.

“By awarding contracts to competent contractors, rather than cronies, Governor Adeleke can demonstrate his commitment to good governance and deliver quality projects that will benefit the people of Osun State,” he said.

The party also warned against the dangers of cronyism and nepotism, saying that such practices can lead to corruption, mismanagement, and waste of public resources.

“We urge Governor Adeleke to prioritise the interests of the state and its people, and to ensure that public contracts are awarded based on merit and competence, rather than political connections or personal relationships,

“It is imperative for government contracts to be awarded to qualified and competent contractors who can deliver quality work, rather than to cronies or friends of those in power.

“Awarding contracts based on merit and competence, Governor Adeleke can help promote good governance and deliver valuable projects that benefit the people of Osun State.

“This will not only enhance the quality of projects, but also boost public trust and confidence in the government. By prioritising competence and merit, Governor Adeleke can demonstrate his commitment to good governance and leave a lasting legacy in Osun State.

” It is time to put the state’s resources to work for the benefit of all citizens, rather than just a select few.”

The former Chairman of Inter-Party Advisory Council, IPAC, stated that the award of contracts to cronies must stop, as it will only dent the image of government in the eyes of the public.

“The unnecessary upheaval caused by the award of contracts to company belonging to the Deputy Speaker should be avoided going forward,” he added.

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