NCC marks 2024 International Girls in ICT Day

The Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC, has joined the world to mark the 2024 International Girls in ICT Day.

The commission emphasised the importance of increasing the participation of young women and girls in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector.

This annual event is observed on the fourth Thursday of April.

In a statement shared on its Official Facebook page, the NCC expressed solidarity with the global ICT community in wishing all girls a Happy International Girls in ICT Day.

The theme for this year’s celebration is “Leadership,” highlighting the crucial role of strong female role models in STEM careers.

Despite women now occupying 40 per cent of high-skill jobs worldwide, their representation in ICT-related fields remains disproportionately low.

Women are underrepresented in software, engineering, technology research, academia, leadership positions within the industry.

This gender gap is particularly pronounced in STEM fields, where women often face barriers to advancement and leadership roles.

To address these challenges and promote gender equality in STEM, it is essential to provide girls and young women with exposure to female leaders in the industry.

By fostering inspiration and breaking down barriers, the Girls in ICT Day 2024 theme aims to empower girls and encourage leadership development for a more inclusive future in STEM.

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