Abia: Group asks Gov Otti to verify claims against Ikpeazu

The Nigeria Citizens Watch for Good Governance, NCWGG, a civil society organization, has asked Governor Alex Otti of Abia State to focus on governing the state and face his tasks rather than propagating statements that cannot be verified.

The group has also asked Otti to verify his claims against former Governor Okezie Ikpeazu and publish reports, with detailed and accurate reports of all he claims have happened.

The call was made by the spokesperson of the Nigeria Citizens Watch for Good Governance, Maduka Samuel, in a statement made available to the media.

Maduka explained that the call became necessary to address the recent outbursts of the governor targeting his predecessor, Ikpeazu.

The NCWGG said it finds Otti’s comments as slanderous against the former governor, claiming that a sitting governor, who has barely spent a year in office, is making allegations and quoting fake statistics to the detriment of the people.

The group said, ‘‘In light of his recent comments, we demand facts to verify his claims. We urge him to give the names of the so-called contractors, to publish reports, detailed and accurate reports of all the doings he claimed have happened.

“He cannot because these things never happened and he is lying about them, just as he lied about 247 Light in Aba. He is a habitual liar, who suffers from mouth diarrhoea and soon the truth will put him in his place.

‘‘It is clear that Governor Otti is not here to serve his people but lie to them and feed them fake and unsubstantiated claims. This is very pathetic and heartbreaking and indicates what a failure of a Governor he is going to be, should he continue on this path.

‘‘Governance is a continuous process so we expect him to continue on the projects Ikpeazu has started, to consolidate and even initiate more projects for Abians to enjoy the dividend of democracy in Abia State.

“It will do you well to remember you have less than three years in office to do your best and show Abians that you deserve a second term or you will be evicted from the Government House on 29th May 2027.

‘‘While we call on Abians to ignore the lies cooked and circulated by Governor Alex Otti, who is already intoxicated by power, we admonish him to wake from his slumber and face reality, admit that politics is over, concentrate on governance, because Ikpeazu has done his best for his people. Learn from him and do yours.”

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