June 17, 2024

Benjamin Netanyahu destroying Israel – Eyal Megged attacks Prime Minister

Writer and poet, Eyal Megged, has accused the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu of destroying the country with his dictatorial tendencies.

Megged, who was at one point Netanyahu’s best friend, said the Prime Minister sees Israel as his private property, hence is determined to stay in power.

The poet penned a column in Haaretz on Sunday in which he said: “I don’t think he was always a dictator, but it is possible that he increasingly developed the personality of a dictator, where all his thoughts are focused on remaining in power.

“He will be the destroyer of the country since he has no other choice.

“Netanyahu is captive to the madness of a dictator’s grandeur, who sees the country as his private property.

“He has become so used to ruling that he is not able to put up with a situation where someone else will take his place.

“For him, vacating the government is like transferring ownership of property. Bibi is like a jealous husband, who cannot imagine his wife in the arms of another.

“It is an incurable disorder. Nevertheless, he’s a man whom I had considered a friend, and more importantly, a statesman whose main concern is the safety and security of Israel.”

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