Ibietan’s book on Cyber Politics gets special reading, further reviews

Top political actors and dons were in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital on Friday, April 19, 2024 for the special reading and further reviews of the book – Cyber Politics authored by Omoniyi Ibietan of the Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC.

The special reading and further review which coincided with Ibetan’s birthday had prominent individuals and intellectuals testifying to the facts presented in the book.

According to Aminu Maida, Ph.D, the Executive Vice Chairman/CEO Nigerian Communications Commission, “Dr. Ibietan’s book speaks to the reality of how the demographics of voting is now in favour of digital natives, whose engagements are set to upend the traditional media approaches, hence the great value in seeking an understanding of the growing interface across cyber politics, social media networks and social demography. Specifically, the author utilises tested theoretical models and research methods to scrutinise the impact of social media on contemporary politics.”

Hailing further the work, the NCC boss said, “Most significantly, the cutting edge of this vibrant scholarly endeavour is its proposal of a bold new methodology and approach to communications, described as the Channel-Factor Model, which situates the relationship among social media and other variables within a political environment. It is a framework for re-engineering political communication in Africa that is as radical as it is innovative.

“Cyber Politics: Social Media, Social Demography and Voting Behaviour in Nigeria is an absorbing and persuasive book that adds huge insightful value to an understanding of the interactions between politics, social media networks and other variables that influence the behaviour of voters in a democracy. Therefore, we particularly appreciate Dr. Omoniyi Ibietan, a staff of the Nigerian Communications Commission, for this contribution to political communication scholarship.”

Similarly, the first female Professor of Mass Communication in Nigeria and Deputy VC, Paul University, Akwa, Anambra State, Prof. Chinyere Stella Okuna hailed Ibietan’s work, saying it remains an important book to peruse, analyse and assimilate.

She said: “In my long and eventful career in the field of Communication and Media in general, and Journalism Education in particular, I have seen books and I have seen books; I have also read books and books and books, and I can say categorically that Omoniyi Ibietan’s “Cyber Politics: Social Media, Social Demography and Voting Behaviour in Nigeria” is one book eminently worthy of being seen and being read.”

Hailing the book, Prof. Peter Esuh
Dean, Faculty of Communication and Media Studies, University of Uyo said, : The author, Dr. Omoniyi Ibietan, is a renowned scholar known for his intellectual prowess and activism. His work has consistently been commendable, and this notable Book of Reading is a testament to his innovative thinking and scholarly contributions. The book is wholeheartedly endorsed for reading.”

Umaru A. Pate, Professor of Media and Society and Vice Chancellor, Federal University, Kashere, Gombe State said, “While welcoming the book as a positive addition to the growing body of literature in the area especially as it gives the Nigerian context, I am strongly recommending it as a worthy book for all students of communication studies, political science and allied fields. Our political tacticians and gladiators and other scholars of the interface between society and information and communication technologies will find the text appropriate and generously useful in helping them to deeply understand the strategies and impact of the social media in Nigerian politics.

“Definitely, the author’s effort is clearly manifested in the quality of the content in the book, its appropriate theoretical grounding, and sound conclusions that are reliably valid in the Nigerian context.”

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