June 15, 2024

Ace Roots Herbal Drink Relaunches at the Big Weekend Experience 2.0

Hey there, fun lovers! If you’re all about living life to the fullest while staying true to your roots, then here’s something that would interest you. Your favorite low-sugar herbal drink, Ace Roots is back with a new look and great taste.

The unique herbal drink offers a blend of African herbs and spices in every sip. Originally introduced in 2015, it has made a comeback to redefine the herbal category.Distinguished by its low sugar, Ace Roots re-introduces in a 45cl bottle and 50cl can, ensuring its style matches its stellar taste. More than just a drink, Ace Roots embodies a cultural movement, inviting all to embrace their roots and live life to the fullest.

Get supercharged! It’s time to sip and savor every moment.The ‘Big Weekend Experience’ which hosted the Ace Roots relaunch, is a highly anticipated event that brings together music, entertainment, and lots of prizes to be won. The event is a huge party packed with non-stop entertainment by electrifying music artists, exciting games and surprises are also major highlights of the event.

Yearning for a taste? Dive into the excitement, grab a cold Ace Roots, and embrace the Naija spirit.

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