June 17, 2024

War: You will not go scot-free – Israeli Army chief warns Iran

The Israeli army on Tuesday warned that Iran won’t go “scot-free” following the series of missiles launched over the weekend.

Iran had launched over 300 missiles and drones at Israel in retaliation for an attack on its consulate in Syria, killing some generals on April 1.

Most of the projectiles shot at Israel were, however, intercepted by the Israeli defence system with support from the United States and other countries.

However, Israel’s Army spokesperson, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said “Iran will not get (off) scot-free with this aggression.”

Hagari spoke while addressing journalists at the Julis military base while displaying the remains of an intercepted missile.

“We will not allow this aggression in the region,” Hagari said.

He said that, even as the world was talking about the “nuclear threat from Iran,” the Islamic Republic was “building a conventional threat, meaning to create a ring of fire across Israel”.

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