June 17, 2024

Show no mercy to Hamas – Israeli PM Netanyahu tells new army recruits

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu has urged new army recruits to fight Hamas “without mercy”.

In a statement from his office on Tuesday, he encouraged the young soldiers to take their place in combat positions and “repel a brutal enemy”.

“You are joining the IDF (army), the splendid combat positions, to repel a brutal enemy. We are striking them back without mercy and we will defeat them,” Netanyahu said.

To date, Gaza has been largely devastated by the conflict, which has been ongoing since Hamas’s attack on October 7th, 2021.

Critics from around the world have scrutinized Israel’s tactics, citing the high civilian death toll and dire humanitarian crisis that affected the 2.4 million people living in Gaza.

Netanyahu’s comments follow heightened tensions in the Middle East following Iran’s first direct attack on Israel last weekend.

Despite global concern, Israel remains steadfast in its campaign against Hamas.

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