June 17, 2024

War: You are a country of terror – Israeli minister attacks Iran

Israeli Defence Minister, Yoav Gallant has described Iran as a country of terror following last night’s attacks.

The successful interception of Iran’s attack comes at a time when Israel is bogged down in its war against Hamas in Gaza.

Israel and Iran have been on a collision course throughout the former’s six-month attack on the Gaza Strip.

The Iran-led strikes, less than two weeks after an Israeli attack on Syria that killed two Iranian generals in an Iranian consular building marked the first time Iran has launched a direct military assault on Israel despite decades of enmity dating back to the country’s 1979 Islamic Revolution.

Reacting, Gallant said: “The Iranian attack was blocked in the most impressive way, together with our partners, the Americans and others.

”The entire world saw today who is Iran – a country of terror.”

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