June 17, 2024

War: Don’t retaliate Iran’s failed missile, drone attacks – Adeyanju to Israel

Nigerian human rights activist and lawyer, Deji Adeyanju, on Sunday, urged Israel against retaliating against the missile and drone attacks from Iran.

Adeyanju cautioned Israel against retaliation because it was a failed attack.

He commended the Israelis for their IronDome system that prevented Iran’s missiles and drones from having the required impact.

Posting on Facebook, Adeyanju wrote: “Israel should ignore Iran’s so-called drones and missiles attacks and never retaliate. It was a complete failed attack. Israel should give peace a chance.

“I’m truly intrigued by the Israel IronDome system and now, the IronBeam as well.

“US must prevail on Israel not to attack Iran in retaliation. Give peace a chance.”

This is coming when the United States President, Joe Biden, announced that nearly all the Iranian drones and missiles fired towards Israel have been intercepted.

Biden condemned the attack, saying in a statement from the White House that Iran was aided by its proxy forces in Yemen, Syria, and Iraq.

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