May 20, 2024

Electricity tariff hike: AEDC not supplying 20 hours power in Abuja – Imole

A popular public analyst and lawyer, Dr Charles Imole, said the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company has failed to supply 20 hours of power to customers under Band A in Abuja despite a 235 per cent tariff hike.

Imole disclosed this on Thursday through his official X account.

He noted that since the implementation of the new tariff regime for Band A customers on April 3, 2024, users barely receive 5-9 hours of power supply daily.

According to him, the government should have made Discos prove they are supplying 20 hours of power before approving tariff hikes.

“I have kept records of the power supply in my house since the announced increase for Band A customers, of which I am one. So far, the longest power supply to my house has been for only 9 hours within a day. In fact, in the past three days, it has been averaging 5hrs of power.

“So, I am still buying diesel and using my generator. This is pretty much the same story from everybody I know in Abuja.

“The government should have made the DISCOS to prove they can provide this power level to ALL Band A customers before agreeing to the increase.

“A one-month test run would have been better as proof of capacity. Before the tariff increase, I averaged a poor 5-8 hours of power a day.

“I am sure some Band A customers (especially commercial clients) may get 20hrs. However, most residential Band A customers I know have not seen any improvement in power supply since this new tariff took effect. The cart seems to have been placed ahead of the horse.

“Have the DISCOS been set up to fail? Have they accepted a service level agreement they cannot meet simply because it benefits them financially? Customer confidence is vital in this matter. Right now, I am dissatisfied with the lack of improvement to my power supply despite a monumental increase in tariff.

“If this lack of improvement is repeated nationwide, there will be a crisis of confidence. If there are teething problems, then better and more proactive communication is needed from AEDC and others. We want them to succeed, but they must be honest about their current capabilities. I will monitor for another couple of weeks and then write to them to downgrade my meter to Band B immediately if there is still no improvement”, he wrote.

Recall that the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission on April 3 approved a N225 per kilowatt-hour electricity tariff for customers.

Since the tariff announcement, Nigerians and organised labour unions have called for its reversal amid the economic hardship.

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