May 20, 2024

Lagos-London fare: Analyst Aja tells Onyema’s Air Peace how to edge out foreign airlines

A financial analyst, Kalu Aja, has given Allen Onyema’s Air Peace solution to edge out foreign airlines amid price war in the Lagos-London fare route.

Aja made this known in his official X account on Thursday.

He said Air Peace should introduce a loyalty programme for domestic route.

According to him, Onyema need to unbundle local services to edge out foreign airlines due to its competitive advantages.

“Was Air Peace assuming they would let him gain market share without a fight?

“Oga Allen, they will fight for every seat, iilt is called competition and it’s not all fair.

“They have their advantage, they can use their currency to pay for maintenance and insurance, Air Peace has to earn in Naira one way on all its flights.

“Sir Allen, outthink them.

“You have an advantage, you can do local flights, so start there. Immediately start your loyalty program, I fly London to Lagos, I get 25 per cent off Lagos to Abuja.

“Make that loyalty transferable, even better a cash transfer. So if I pay foreign exchange, Air Peace will either give me 25 per cent discount on local travel or 10 per cent cash back paid in Naira, that is transferable to a beneficiary of my choosing.

“Fight them by bundling your services with local services for a start.

“Then next get the aviation fuel sold to you on credit payable after 36 months.

“Oga Allen you fight them with unique home advantage.

“No one will see cheap flight and ignore, so your flight have to be the cheapest”, he wrote.

Recall that upon the entrance of Air Peace in the Lagos-London route on March 30, foreign airlines slashed airfares by nearly half.

Onyema had described the price war as ‘devilish conspiracy’.

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