April 19, 2024

Where can I get MrBeast’s Feastables in USA

VIRAL chocolate bars from the world’s biggest YouTuber have arrived in the UK – and you can get them in Warrington.

Feastables are created by American YouTuber turned business mogul MrBeast whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson. He is best known for his popular videos – including outrageous challenges or giving away huge sums of money.

The chocolate bars, which are expected to rival the popularity of the Prime drink, are made from minimal ingredients including organic cocoa and milk from grass-fed cows. They aim to ‘change the way’ that people snack.

In the UK, Spar has been chosen as MrBeast’s exclusive convenience partner and the retailer has confirmed that Feastables are available in a store in Warrington.

You can find the chocolate bars at Spar Gemini Service Station on Europa Boulevard.

A range of four Feastables MrBeast bars are available including:

·     Feastables MrBeast Bar Original Chocolate 60g

·     Feastables MrBeast Bar Milk Chocolate 60g

·     Feastables MrBeast Bar Crunch 60g

·     Feastables MrBeast Bar Deez Nutz 60g

The YouTuber also launched a hit American fast-food chain which came to Warrington last April.

MrBeast Burger opened a kitchen in the town at the Village Hotel on Centre Park.

To celebrate the launch of Feastables, Spar has announced a new summer campaign Spinner Winner which will run online from July 18 to August 30.

It offers customers a daily opportunity to spin a wheel and win fantastic prizes.

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