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July 25, 2024

Dave Hefner Scholarship- USA, Apply Now

Dave Hefner Scholarship-Mr. William J. Hefner, in collaboration with students from North Side High School, came  together to establish the Hafner scholarship in 1974 as a remembrance to his son, Dave, who was a student at North Side High School.

Dave Hafner Foundation is a non governmental Organization and  a non-profit organization. The Dave Hafner foundation  provides financial support for students who wish to learn from other cultures by interacting with people in international settings.

The organization encourages students who are interested in foreign languages, cultures, and international business opportunities to experience foreign travel.

So far nearly 1,000 students have been assisted in their international exchange experiences.

Mr. Hefner has continued to provide the fund so that now there are opportunities to assist even more students in northeastern Indiana.

Dave Hefner Scholarship Student Selection Criteria

The foundation invest a great percentage of their time and energy to ensure the best candidates for the award are students with outstanding characters as:

  • students who have interest to study foreign language or an interest in other cultures
  • Maturity and flexibility
  • Good academic qualification
  • A student with sense of adventure and curiosity
  • Would be good ambassadors for the U.S., Fort Wayne, and their schools
  • Have been accepted by an approved international exchange program
  • Have an interest in studying to enter a career in international business
  • Need financial assistance with provable evidence.

Dave Hefner Scholarship Selection Process.

Applications will be reviewed by the Dave Hefner Scholarship committee of board members. Individual students who will receive awards and their schools will be notified in early May. Awards (award letters/checks) will be mailed directly to the students or will be presented at each school’s spring recognition program.

The Dave Hefner board believes that international experiences for young people have positive value. As nations of the world are increasingly dependent on each other. It becomes more important that high school students develop a sense of the responsibilities of global citizenship and the skills necessary to succeed in another country.
Dave Hefner foundation believe that educational travel and knowledge exchange play an important role in this learning process. So they provides financial assistance to qualified students who can benefit from these  indispensable experiences through the Dave Hefner Scholarship.

Dave Hefner Scholarship Application Process

Students planning to visit or study in other countries for through summer, semester or school year international programs should follow these steps in applying for the Dave Hefner Scholarship Awards.

  • Make formal application(s) to one or more international exchange programs. This would include United States Information Agency (USIA) or school-approved programs.
  • Contact staff member(s) or the staff committee designated within their respective schools to secure the applications for the Dave Hefner International Exchange Fund Awards.
  • Complete the applications under the direction of staff member(s) from their own high schools. Each school will screen the applicant(s) from their school and make recommendations to the Hefner board.
  • Send completed applications to:
    Sara Quigley
    2920 Whitegate Drive
    Fort Wayne, IN 46805More info at:
  • Completed applications due by February 1


The Dave Hefner scholarship  Awards are for Students planning to visit or study in other countries in any of a variety of the Dave Foundation approved exchange/travel programs.

 Steps in applying for the Dave Hefner scholarship

1. Make formal application to one or more international exchange programs. This would include United States
Information Agency (USIA) or school approved programs.

 Eligibility information:

Applicant’s high school must be located in one of the 7 Indiana counties listed below

  • Adams,
  • Allen,
  • DeKalb,
  • Huntington,
  • Noble,
  • Wells,
  • Whitley.

2. Contact a staff member (your Americans Abroad Coordinator) or the staff committee within the respective
school and secure your application for the Dave Hefner Scholarship Awards.

3. Complete the application following the instruction of a staff member or committee from your high school.

4. Each individual school will  review the application(s) and make final recommendations to the Dave Foundation.

5. Inform Sara Quigley of your application and the international program you have chosen, the
departure date and financial arrangements. This is particularly important for students who have applied to
the IU Honors Program in Foreign Language for high school students.

6. Mail applications to: Sara Quigley
2920 Whitegate Drive
Fort Wayne, IN 46805


Each international program has a procedure that the candidate is expected to follow.

  • By granting you the award, the David Hefner Foundation expects you to complete an
    Award Evaluation Form which will help them to make an informed decision  regarding the international exchange experience with future applicants.

You must complete and submit your application before February 1 each year. No applications can be considered after this date.

Required Information:
If you are Applying for the Dave Hefner Scholarship, your are expected to  type or print legibly because they  only review applications that have all sections completed.
You are expected to provide:

  • Name, Birth Date
  • Address, Street City, State Zip code
  • Home Phone, E-Mail
  • Current Age
  • School: Grade: ( ) Freshman ( ) Sophomore ( ) Junior ( ) Senior
  • Current GPA:
    Family Information
    Here, you are expected to provide names of each family member, their relationship to you (father, mother, etc.), occupations and ages.

    Personal Information

  • How do you spend your leisure time?
  • Provide your school activities
  • Provide your community activities
  • What foreign language(s) have you studied?
  • They may also want to know if your family ever hosted a foreign exchange student? ( ) Yes ( ) No
    If “Yes” from what country?
  • Describe any previous international living, travel or study you have had.
  • Describe any work experiences (paid or volunteer) you have had.
  • Explain any health problems that affect you or your immediate family.

Dave Hefner scholarship Essay

As an applicant, you will be expected to attach a statement briefly answering the following questions.
a. Describe yourself as far as personality and interests.
b. How much have you used the resources in your community to further your interests?
c. Describe a relationship you have developed over the past few years. How did you meet this person?
What attracted you to him/her? How do you see your relationship developing over time? (This can
be a teacher, peer, co-worker, etc.)
d. What experiences have you had that make you want to participate in an international
exchange program?
e. What do you think you will gain from and offer to an international exchange program?
f. What experiences have you had that will enable you to be an excellent representative of
your school, city and our country?
g. What contribution do you feel you will make toward international understanding in the future?


You will be expected to provide two recommendations in support of your participation in an exchange program. (One should be from a teacher, counselor, coach, club sponsor, minister or employer and one from the Americans Abroad Coordinator at your school.)

Additional information

If you are selected for the award, you agree to serve as a good ambassador for yourself, your family, your school, city and  country.

Note: Only one Dave Hefner scholarship Award is allowed per person.

Additional Requirements

  •  A recent photo of yourself (Optional)
  • Completed Application
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation
  • Completed School Recommendation Form
  • Completed Essay
  • Photocopy of prior year tax form page 1 with Annual Gross Income line complete.

Since Dave Hefner Scholarship award is based on need, you will be required to provide following information which they agree to make your information  strictly confidential and will only be used to help determine the amount when an award is granted.

  • Number of dependents in family
  • Father/Stepfather /Guardian net income $
  • Mother/Stepmother/Guardian net income $
  • What gross income is reported on the prior year tax return? $
  • Include a photocopy of prior year tax form page 1 with Annual Gross Income line complete.
  • Signature of parent, stepparent or guardian Date

To Be Answered by the Parents

  1. Parents or guidance are expected to attach a statement describing their son/daughter, both as an individual and a member of their family.
  2. Indicate your personal feelings about his/her participation in the Dave Hefner scholarship. Explain
    why you believe your son/daughter will be an outstanding representative of your family, his/her school and our country.
  3. What portion of the Participation Fee can you and your son/daughter contribute? The amount you can pay
    does not generally affect the student’s eligibility as a candidate in may programs. However, the Board
    believes the student, as well as the family, should be contributing to the cost of the program.


Dave Hefner scholarship award is not an entitlement. Money is generally not awarded until the end of
April or early May when  the Dave Hefner Foundation  is notified.

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