April 19, 2024

Where to Find Sesame Oil in Grocery Store

Sesame oil is an edible cooking oil, made from sesame seeds. It draws its roots from Asia and is currently being used as an ingredient in various cuisines worldwide. If you are looking to buy sesame oil in a grocery store, there are a couple of places where it could be. 

We would point you to the aisles to check, and share a list of reliable stores that carry it. We would also run you through the different types of sesame oil and how to use them, as well as their numerous benefits. Keep reading!

What Aisle Is Sesame Oil Located In Grocery Stores? 

You should be able to find sesame oil in the seasoning or baking aisle, where vinegar is kept. Some stores also stock sesame oil in the international aisle. Simply head over to the section for Asian products, and run through the products available.

At Walmart, for example, you can find sesame oil in the condiment aisle. So you might also want to check there if you can’t find it in any of the initially stated aisles.

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Types of Sesame Oil

Types of Sesame oil
Types of Sesame Oil

There are different types of sesame oil, and each has a distinct application which could be a bit confusing at first. The two common types of sesame oil are:

1. White Sesame Oil

White sesame oil (also known as cold-pressed oil), is produced by pressing raw sesame seeds. It has a light yellow color and is suitable for cooking due to its higher heat-resistant temperature. It gives dishes the original flavor of sesame seeds and can be used like every other form of cooking oil.

2. Dark Sesame Oil

Dark sesame oil (also referred to as toasted sesame oil), is made by pressing toasted sesame seeds. It has a much darker color and unlike its lighter counterpart, is not ideal for cooking. This is because it has a lower heat-resistant temperature and if cooked for too long, can make your food taste burnt or bitter. 

For that reason, it is best added as a seasoning to already-cooked dishes and adds a distinct nutty flavor and aroma.

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Where to Buy Sesame Oil near You

Mass production of sesame oil is quite limited, due to the cumbersome process of manually extracting the oil. As such, it might not be readily available at most stores. If you do not find it at your local grocery store, the list of grocers below are some of your sure-bets.

1. Amazon

On Amazon, you will get a wide selection of sesame oil brands to choose from, which you can use for a variety of purposes. Plus, you can order products on Amazon from the comfort of your home, and have them delivered directly to you. 

2. Walmart

At the condiment section of Walmart, you will get different brands of sesame oil to choose from, such as Dynasty Spicy sesame oil and Spectrum Cooking sesame oil. You can as well use the store locator on their website to check for available products. 

3. Whole Foods

Whole Foods has brands such as Eden Selected, 365, and Spectrum amongst many others. Simply head over to the section where Vinegar is kept, or the aisle for Asian products to see the brands available. 

4. Safeway

You can check the international or condiment aisle at Safeway, to get sesame oil. 

5. Target

Target stocks various brands of sesame oil such as Simply Balanced, Spectrum, and House of Tsang in the Pantry aisle. 

6. Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s has thein sesame oil brand (Trader’s Joe Toasted Sesame Oil), which you can get at any of its store locations. 

7. Kroger

Kroger stocks sesame oil in the section where vinegar is kept. Alternatively, you can check the international aisle.

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8. Publix

Publix sells Sun Luck, Spectrum, Kikkoman, and many other brands. You can check the vinegar or international aisle for available brands. 

9. Local Health Food Store

Many local health food stores usually have sesame oil in stock, so you can buy it from there as well. 

10. Ethnic Markets

Asian ethnic markets are a good place to shop for sesame oils. You could also check Indian markets for various types of sesame oil.

Great Ways to Use Sesame Oil

Sesame oil has a wide range of applications, from culinary to medicinal and even cosmetic. It can be used to add a unique flavor to dishes, has numerous health benefits, and can be used as a skin moisturizer as well. Let’s run through a few of its most practicable applications. 

1. Culinary

  • Use It to Cook Meat and Vegetables

White sesame oil is best used for sautéing meat and vegetables. Simply pour the oil into a pan, heat it up, and add what you wish to cook with it. You could also marinate the meat with sesame oil before sautéing. 

  • Use It for Stir-Fry

Sesame oil is also great for stir-frying. It can be used singly, or in combination with other cooking oils/ingredients, depending on your preference and recipe. 

  • Use It as a Seasoning

Toasted sesame oil goes well in a variety of dishes. You can add it as a dressing to salads, sauces, and even toppings on popcorn and dips, to enhance their flavor. 

2. Medicinal

You can drink a little bit of sesame oil each day. This is a great way to enjoy its benefits, without having to cook it. It is known to help solve a few health problems, such as mild constipation. You can also use sesame oil as a mouthwash (oil pulling), to eliminate bacteria from your mouth. However, it should not be used in place of your regular dental flosses. 

3. Cosmetic

Sesame oil is said to soften aches and scars on the skin. It is also great for massages. You can also apply sesame oil to your hair to combat dryness, and keep it healthy, shiny, and silky.


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