Does Walgreens Take Apple Pay?

  • Walgreen adopted Apple Pay as a means of payment in 2014 and was fully integrated in 2015 to help boost its popularity base and to provide convenient payment solutions for customers.
  • Walgreen accepts Apple Pay as a means of payment for both in-store and online shopping services, and they also offer loyalty rewards to customers.

The world is constantly evolving with the invention of new payment solutions such as Apple pay, Google pay, etc. The introduction of new payment platforms has helped people pay for their goods and services through the use of their mobile phones without the need of conveying cash around.

Apple, a versatile tech giant, is always on the move to remain relevant in the tech industry, and they have also revolutionized the financial industry by providing a fast and easy way to make payments on products and services.

Walgreen is one of the top leading stores in the United States that offers pharmaceuticals, clothing, grocery services, etc. The store has integrated digital payment platforms such as Apple Pay in other to make it easier for customers to make payments in-store & online.

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Does Walgreens Take Apple Pay?

Walgreen welcomes the idea of using Apple Pay to make payments online and in stores. The downside is that Apple pay does not allow users to make payments for photo items, but users may still decide to use Apple pay to complete other types of purchases such as buying groceries, shopping for drugs, etc.

There are diverse payment methods for Walgreens customers to choose from while making payments online. Users who choose to make payments via Apple pay at Walgreen are guaranteed to receive 3% cashback on all their purchases and can receive up to $500 after completing an order.

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How to Get Cashback Using Apple Pay at Walgreens

Users who are interested in using Apple pay to make purchases at Walgreens are not expected to own the latest iPhone before they can initiate payments at Walgreens. Any version of an iOS device can be used to make payments via the Apple Pay app.

iOS users are expected to install the Apple Pay app in other to make payments at Walgreen using the payment platform. You don’t have to wait until when it’s to make payments at Walgreens before you’ll set up the Apple pay app on your phone in other to make the payment process easier.

During the process of setting up the app, ensure you successfully link a debit or credit card to your Apple pay in other to make payment easier.

How to Use Cashbacks

Walgreens has gone out of its way by allowing people to earn 3% cashback on every successful transaction implemented through the Apple pay app. You can save more money while making purchases and still use your reward balance to make purchases in the future.

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How to Pay with Apple Pay at Walgreens’ In-Store

Walgreen has provided diverse methods for consumers to pay for their goods and services. You can make a payment with Apple pay by following the process below;

  • Proceed to the checkout counter and unlock your iOS device.
  • Ensure you hold your phone close to the scanner, and tap your touch id sensor
  • You will then receive a notification confirming a successful or unsuccessful transaction, where you may then proceed to try out other payment methods or check out with your goods or service.
  • Do note that it takes less than 30 seconds to authenticate your payment before you can checkout with your goods.

Making Walgreens Payment with Apple Pay Online

Shopping online is easy, and you may choose to pay using the Apple pay app. Users who want to pay using Apple pay are required to visit the Walgreens official website and select a product or service to buy before paying through any of the supported payment services.

There are a lot of payment options for everyone to choose from, and if you’re planning on using your Apple pay app to complete your order, ensure you follow the on-screen instructions to complete your order. You may be required to authenticate the payment using your touch ID or your facial ID.

Merits of Using Apple Pay at Walgreens

  • Apple pay provides an easy and secure payment solution for Walgreen customers.
  • You can make payments in-store without the need for an internet connection.
  • There are no additional charges on every payment you make using Apple pay at Walgreens.
  • You can pay using any of your iOS devices including your iOS wristwatch.
  • You get 3% chargeback rewards on every purchase.
  • Users who choose Apple Pay as a mode of payment stand a chance of receiving loyalty rewards.
  • Making payments with Apple pay at Walgreens is faster than your debit or credit cards.

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