Under the mango tree on a sunny afternoon,Ogar sat with only friends eating a plate of Pounded yam fufu and Vegetable soup ,Ene had gotten freshly roasted cutting grass meat from bush market , she put enough Okpehe with smoked fish and stuck fish.

She and her husband had mended the broken fence , they had began to mend the fence that was broken when Ogar went dark .
They had gone past throwing blames for who was responsible for Ogwuche’s plight, they choose to put their heads together and find a solution.

They had been moving from one prayer house to another looking for solution.
The men had played draft that afternoon under the mango tree ,like they had done every other Sunday ,they insulted each other with friendly Jabs .

“Simon tell what you did to your wife that she served us this kind of food ?” Ehi asked licking his thumb . “You must have given her double double in the other room.” Ehi teased the other two laughed .

“Be careful o. Don’t let her hear you o. this one she’s now treating me like a king ,I don’t want to go back to one meat in my soup .” Ogar said his friends chuckled .

“Sunny when we get to your house and your wife bring that water water Okra soup show her this soup , this is how women should cook , see Ene even add palm wine .” Ehi said Simon and Ehi chuckled , it wasn’t funny to Sunny he didn’t laugh .


“What’s the meaning of that rubbish you just said Ehi? are you saying you’re a better man than me ? or you know how to take care of your wife and family better than mine ?” He roared.

“Sunny calm down Na , this is just joke , why will you take it so serious ? You know Ehi didn’t mean it that way .”Simon tried to assuage him.

“No leave him Simon leave this fool! Am I lying ? he’ll come to our houses and eat good food ,when we want to go his house , his wife will serve us Okra soup with small fish like we are boarding school children.” Ehi said , Sunny dropped the lump of eba in his hands and began to wash his hand .

“Stop that Sunny is it today that you know Ehi had had mouth ? me that he has been insulting all this while what did I do ?” Simon asked holding his hand preventing him from washing his hand .

“This food is too much for two people ,just eat . Don’t mind him am sorry on his behalf.”Simon begged .

“It’s just because of you oh Simon , if not because of you I promise never to touch this food .” Sunny said , he sucked his finger , Simon and Ehi laughed .


“I was waiting for him to leave the food , I would have eaten the whole food and taken the rest home . Ene is the best cook in the whole of Ohimini.” Ehi sang Ene’s praise . “Not like some of our wives .” The men had finished levelling the mountain Ene had placed before them .

“Ene God will bless you for the food you prepared ,since my !other died ten years ago I’ve never tasted a sweeter soup .” Ehi heaped a mountain of accolades on Ene . “If your husband had not married you ,I’ll have divorced my wife and married you, it’s this food that God fed the children of Israel .

“Ehi said , Simon laughed so hard tears fell from his eyes. He knew Ehi was the most faithful one amongst
his friends , he had no concubine , or children outside he was a strict Catholic, they often called him Catechist, because he never involved in anything shady with his friends ,

most times Simon and Sunny would leave him behind when they make plans that cannot be undertaken by light of day .
“Thank you my husband,Agi is a wonderful woman .

“Ene said chuckling , she packed the plate and went with them to the kitchen ,where Onyabehi was washing the mountain heap of plates Ogar’s innumerable children had used to eat .

A call came through into Ogar’s phone he left his friends to answer the call from his elder brother . Sunny and Ehi were sipping the milkish white palm wine that was harvested by the best Tapper in Ohimini.


Ehi used his hands to chase the flies hovering over his cup .
“This is the best palm wine in the whole of Ohimini, who can tap like Adagio?” Ehi said sipping the palm wine .

Sunny poured another cup of the white drink , he sipped the juicy and soured and creamy tasting wine . “This palm wine is the best . No palmy is a sweet as this in the whole of Idoma land .” Sunny added .

”Let me to and ease myself .” Ehi said , Sunny nodded without saying a word . Shortly Ogar finished his call , he returned to the table of alcoholic sweetness .

“Where is Ehi has he gone ?” Ogar asked .
“No he went to the backyard to ease himself.” Sunny said pouring his third cup of the wine . Ehi finished urinating and returned to the table .

“Haaa you hungry greedy men have almost finished the whole palm wine .”Ogar laughed , Ehi always had his way with sarcastic words .


“Ehi I have not drank one cup and you said I’ve finished everything?”Ogar asked laughing . Ehi ignored him , he added palmwine to the his half filled cup , he poured a bit to the ground , a live fly had dived into his foamy wine , he threw it to the ground and crushed it under his feet .

“That one has gone to heaven .” He joked Ogar laughed so much until tears began to drop from his eyes . Sunny got up from the plastic chair he was sitting and dusted his buttocks .

“I want to start going home Ogar thank for the food and palm wine .” He said .
“Are you going home already Big head ? you won’t wait for !e because of what I said to you?” Ehi asked Sunny, his lips curved in an angry frown .

“Did we come here together Ehi? so you don’t know your way to your house again ?” He asked grumpily.


“Aaaarh Sunny has it gotten to this extent ? what did I ever do to you ? Because of the joke I made on you ?” Ehi asked , Sunny hissed and started walking away from Ogar’s compound.

“Sunny your anger is too much . Just because of this small joke ?” Ogar asked Sunny , he ignored his friends and walked away from Ogar’s compound

Ehi and Simon continued pouring the wine from the small four litres jerrican into their transparent tumblers , until Ehi drank the last . The sun was retreating to the east , the sky was getting darker , Ehi got up to go .

“Ogar I need to go home. “He said , he belched and rubbed his hands over his chest , he felt ulcher pains on his chest , he had never experienced ulcer before , then the inside of his body became so hot ,Ogar noticed his discomfort.

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