“Mama why are you chasing me away ? I still have more things to say ?” Amos protested his invitation to leave prematurely.

“What’s wrong with you ! Go now!” Mama Terdue scowled. “I don’t want to see your legs ever near this house again can you hear me loud and clear?” She asked Amos , he ignored her , he was busy pouring down the malt into his mouth .

“Mama I just came here to save my friend from messing up his life oh!”He said as Doowuse ushered him out .

“Mum I don’t see Dooshima as one who is so loosed, that the type of Amos can sleep with her , and she would send her nudes to him.” Mimidoo said .

“Oh shut up your trap girl , I hope you’re not living that stupid lifestyle too ?” Doowuse asked her daughter.


“Mum every girl today does it , the times have changed . I think we should talk to Terdue first , he and Dooshima have been seeing for quite sometime now , I am thinking Amos stole those pictures from Terdue’s phone just blackmail Dooshima .” Mimidoo said .

“Common shut up your big mouth! Should a good girl with home training be sharing her naked pictures even to her husband? My son will never marry that girl! She has a daughter and the two of them kept it a secret.

They’ve been coming to this house regularly and they never thought to tell me she has a child . ” Mrs Doowuse rambled .

“If she was not loosed as he said , how come she had a child out of wedlock? If her parents can send her to read law for five years, what stops them from sending her to one year law school? she got pregnant and ran away from the house . Can you remember the name of her father ? anytime you ask her your brother would jump to her defence.” Doowuse raved .

“Mummy don’t draw conclusions , even if all those things you said are correct , Terdue is a man , he’s thirty one years old allow him choose his path himself .” Mimidoo begged her mother . “Let him come back from work and talk things over with him .” She begged .


“Let who wait for who ? I am calling him right now , let him come and lie to my face .” Mrs Doowuse railed .Mimidoo shook her head and walked away ,

how could she tell her mother that Amos had tried almost the same trick of blackmailing her , over five years earlier when she refused to date him , he blackmailed her, she didn’t want to open up cans of worms , that would backfire on her so she decided to keep her peace.

Terdue was so busy at work , the calls of his mother kept cutting off the calls , he was having a presentation at the conference hall with the regional manager of their bank and other executives , he couldn’t afford to take her calls.

Dooshima also called him after the meeting,he picked her call .
“How are you doing babe ?” Terdue said .
“I am fine babe , have you closed from work ?” She asked .

“I’m just leaving a meeting room , spent the whole afternoon doing a presentation to my bosses , why are you sounding so low ? Are you okay ?” Terdue asked .
“Am fine babe , Can you come over here after work ?”Dooshima begged .


“Sure I am coming there now , I am heading to the car park now .” Terdue said , Dooshima thanked him and hung up .
He branched at a shop in town to get packs cereals,a big tin of Bournevita and milk ,bread and a big pack of yoghurt for Shiana.

Immediately he got to the compound , he met Amos sitting outside the compound drinking a bottle of Star Lager beer, he had poured the urine yellow coloured drink into a transparent tumbler,the green bottle was lying down on its stomach .

Terdue shook him , they exchanged pleasantries, Terdue went into Dooshima’s room , Amos poured the last of his drink into his mouth and returned the bottle and tumbler to the Igbo man selling drinks outside their compound , he rode his motorcycle out of the compound .

“Baby what’s wrong ?” Terdue asked immediately he saw Dooshima she was looking like the shadow of herself , her boisterous nature had been replaced with sadness .

“What’s wrong baby talk to me .” He asked pulling her close to himself . “It sounded urgent on the phone ?” He said .


“Your friend Amos how well do you know him?” Dooshima asked Terdue he was a bit perplexed with her question.

“Amos? he has been my friend since primary school . Primary five or six we’ve been best of friends .”He said still having a quizzical look on his face .
“He’s been threatening me , he’s been wanting to sleep with me .

I am not so cheap Terdue . I’ve been trying to keep this away from you for the past four months, His mother had warned him , but he wouldn’t listen he was here this morning , he promised to destroy our relationship . I don’t know what else to do , that’s why I have to tell you now .”

Terdue was enraged he stormed out of the house , he went searching for Amos all through the compound he was no where to be found . Terdue knew then why he had hurriedly left the compound when he came around .

He was going to wait for the snake , he wondered how a person he called best friend would stab him where it hurt the most . Amos had all the ladies he wanted from Vandeikya to Ushongo , from Gboko even up to Makurdi why the only woman he had ever had , it took pleas from Mama Old Soldier and Dooshima to calm the raging bull .

To be continued…….

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