“Dooshima you better cooperate with me , give me this thing let me do , if you don’t you’ll end up regretting it .”Amos said ,trying to go into Dooshima’s room.

“You must be sick in the head , you must very mad Amos , do I look like a prostitute , that a wretched scoundrel like you can talk to me ? What a gut if you sleep with whoever ,

don’t think you can do such nonsense with me. I’ll go and report you to your mum the next time you open your drug induced lips to spill balderdash to me .” Dooshima said to him , Amos nodded .

“No problem , No problem bet me here if Terdue will marry you ? instead him to marry an after one , he’ll go back to Iyua , just watch .” He said , then turned and left the compound . Dooshima was so infuriated . She got an Okada to Holy Child Primary School , to pick Shiana .

Amos rode his motorcycle to Terdue’s family house ,he knew he wouldn’t meet Terdue at home , he didn’t come there to talk to Terdue , he needed to see his mother , he was going to spoil everything for Dooshima , since she choose to be stubborn .


“Amos your friend has gone to work .” Mrs Doowuse said to Amos.

“Mama I didn’t come here for Terdue , I came here to see you .” Amos said , Doowuse showed him an empty couch to sit , he plopped into the brown couch and sat leg crossed over his lap . “Mama can I get something to drink am thirsty.” Amos said , Doowuse grumbled .

“Come this place isn’t a pub oh , I don’t have alcohol to give to you , we only have malt .” She said .

“Mama malt is fine .” He said stretching the collar of his blue long sleeve shirt . Mama Terdue looked at the arrogant young man with disgust , she couldn’t understand why Terdue would remain friends with such a womanizer and a drunk , she could smell the putrid , noxious odour coming from his mouth .

“Mimidoo! Mimidoo please bring a bottle of malt for your brother’s friend .”Mrs Doowuse called out to her daughter who was upstairs. Amos sat with satisfaction nodding his head .


“Thank you mama for the drink .” Amos said as he uncapped the cover of the bottle with his iron teeth , Doowuse was disgusted by everything about him , Mimidoo sat next to her mum , in her pink Lycra pajamas, she watched intently , to see if Amos had anything sensible to say .

“Mama you know I respect you ?” Doowuse sat still she ignored his question. “What I want to tell you now if I add one lie may God punish me.” He said belched to the disgust of Mimidoo and her mother.

“Mama Terdue wants to destroy himself .” Amos said .
“What do you mean ?” She asked, his statement had piqued her interest .

“Amos I don’t have the whole day to listen to your rambling .” Mrs Doowuse said a bit angry . “If you have something to say , do that and be gone , I don’t have the whole day to waste here watching you rigmarole all around Nigeria .” She said .

“Mama calm yourself , if this isn’t important I won’t waste my petrol and ride my back all the way from Lessel to this place .”He said . “Mama did Terdue ever tell you that his friend is a baby mama ?” Amos asked with a smirk on his face .


“Which friend are you talking about ?” Mrs Doowuse asked with a raised brow. “Who are you talking about Amos ?” She asked , he covered his face with his palms and laughed hard .

“Mama I mean Dooshima.” He said laughing . Mrs Doowuse couldn’t believe her ears . “Mama forget her shape oh , she just has a beautiful shape ,but she doesn’t have character, Dooshima is a public toilet .” He said Mimidoo couldn’t believe him .

“Amos so you came all the way from Lessel just to come and rubbish the reputation of my brother’s fiancee are you okay ?” She asked Amos he ignored her , but instead forwarded Dooshima’s pictures with Shiana to Terdue’s mother , Mrs Doowuse couldn’t believe her eyes.

“Mama that’s not all oh , I’ve more evidence against her , me myself I’ve slept with Dooshima, we all passed her around our friends . As Terdue had refused all the girls we had been giving to him ,

we thought we should give him this one , since he was really hurt by what Iyua did to him, he fell oh but we didn’t expect him to want to marry a real Ashawo, I !mean a prostitute .” He spoke with an innocent expression on his face , no one would believe he was lying for a second .

“Mama I was shocked when Terdue said he proposed to her , I said Terdue how are you going to propose to a public nyanch , one we passed to you ? “He said .


“I said God forbid that I allow Terdue to marry a public toilet I passed to him, I’ve tried to talk Terdue out of it . Mama your son is stubborn he had already insisted on marrying her that way saying she has changed that she no longer does runs , that he would go ahead and marry her .

” Mrs Doowuse picked up a bottle of water from the table and poured some quantity into transparent tumbler ,she gulped it down to quench the thirst burning up in her throat .

“Mama the worst thing is that even as that harlot is busy with my friend she was still coming behind to me ,begging me to give it to her hot hot , like I used to do .”

He kept making a sensual move of his buttocks on the couch backward and forward to demonstrate how he did it . “But mama even though my friend was acting foolish I refused to betray him , I refused to touch Dooshima, I choose to come and report .” Amos said , Mimidoo and her mother sat quietly in shock.

“Mama if you think I am lying this are some pictures Dooshima had been sending to me , behind my friend’s back .” He produced pictures of Dooshima unclad and sensual positions and showed it to Mrs Doowuse and Mimidoo , there weren’t expecting such a picture it hit them like a blow .

“Jesus Christ!” Mama Terdue shouted when she saw the pictures from afar . “Come and start going .” She ordered Amos .

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