Onyabehi regretted the word she said , she got up from the bed to beg , he wouldn’t let her touch him .He threw the door open . “Get out! Onyabehi.” He screamed .

“Please I am sorry Obekpa you know…”She tried to hold unto him as she begged , Obekpa moved away from her reach , as though she was suffering from leprosy.

“Get out of my room! I’m going to delete your number today , I beg you in the name of Jesus never you ever call my number again crying crocodile tears , just enjoy your decision .

I’m going to leave Nigeria for the both of you .”He said Onyabehi stood buried in a place , her legs were too heavy to move , her heart beat as if she was going to die , she couldn’t bear seeing him leaving Nigeria for good .

“Please Obekpa our daughter need you it was a mistake please don’t leave me…”Onyabehi fell on her knees . “You know I was just angry please don’t …”She begged on her knees trying to hold unto him. “Give me some time I’ll come around please.”

“No I’ve given you enough time , six years of my life , I stayed faithful to you when you were married to someone else , am I not a fool ? I’ve had it to my neck! get out!”


He said still holding the door open , Onyabehi’s tears fell on the tortoise back . She got up on her feet ,and clumsily walked away . Obekpa short the door behind her , he lay on the ground and cried himself to sleep .

He shivered like a baby on the ground , the occupants of the next room had returned to meet a man crying in the next room . They knocked on the door to check if he was fine ,

He refused to come to the door , when he had cried to his satisfaction, he gathered his clothes in his suitcase ,dragged them to his new Toyota Camry hybrid, he knew the only way he could move on , he has move on ,he would join his elder brother at Canada or go to America to start afresh .

He knew there was nothing to hold him back in Nigeria , he had come to save or severe his relationship with Onyabehi, it was time for him to think about himself .

Onyabehi had left the hotel she didn’t have the strength to walk ,she sat outside the corridor of a shop, she cried so much , until her eyes began to hurt .

Before she got a motorcycle that took her black to Ohimini, her nine months old baby Agada John named after Ogwuche’s uncle had cried for several hours before she returned .


“Where did you leave your son to ?” Ene asked her son’s wife .
“Mama I went to see a friend .” She said .

“You leave our business that’s putting food on your table and your to go and see your friend?” Ene asked her , Onyabehi didn’t have the power to banter with her mother in-law ,she just wanted to get her son , go home ,take a cool bath and sleep.

“Mama I want to go home .”Onyabehi said after tying Agada on her back .

“So early who will take care of your market for you ?” Ene asked .
“Mama am not feeling fine , I want to go and sleep .”She said.Ene loosed the head of her wrapper.

“take this branch at Emeka’s shop and get a pack of malaria drugs on your way home .” She gave Onyabehi one thousand five hundred naira . She thanked her and tied the money on the head of the wrapper she used to tie her baby , she got a bike to take her to Agadagba.

She could remember like yesterday how she and Obekpa had made love in the back of his car ,when she had gone to visit her parents while Igoche was just a baby , she was Immediately reminded of the good times they had together, before her father cut short her happiness.


She endured Ogwuche, he was never passionate with her in the bedroom , she had to work on him before his man answered , he was always distanced away,lost in a world of his own . He would just try to do his duty as a husband , and not handle her as his wife .

She was always on the verge of running away , but she feared how her father would take the news she knew he would disown her , he told her good women were meant to hold on to their marriage with two hands and never let it go .

She and Obekpa sneaked around many times in the space or of one month , she was in Ijigo, they had met for over ten times . She couldn’t regret it .

She had met with him when she had gone to visit her parents the last time , she found out Blessing had already told him about Alice , she was mad at Blessing , she wanted to take the secret to her grave , there and then she decided never to let him touch her , even if she does of sex starvation.

The Motorcyclist rode into Ogar’s compound,
Simon was sitting with Jacob outside , downing a cup of Coke with bread , when the Okada rider stopped a few feets away


Igoche and Alice left the group of children they were playing with and embraced their mother , Onyabehi passed near her father in-law and brother in-law she didn’t say a word to him , she blatantly ignored the two men , Ogar was pained .

“Come back here Comfor!” He yelled at Onyabehi, in anger knocking over the bottle of coke , the liquid boiled on the ground. Onyabehi glared at him with sourcing hatred she hissed and continued towards her room.

“Me? I’ve turned to this small girl’s mate in my own house ? Come back here Onyabehi come here!” He yelled and she continued walking to her room , Ogar angrily got up and went after her , but Jacob stopped him .

“Papa you cannot lay your hands on your son’s wife , it’s a taboo . ” He begged , Onyabehi went into her house. She was ready to give him anything he wanted , When Ogbene saw Onyabehi Coming into the house , she didn’t talk to her , she just ended her conversation with Ogwuche and went outside to join her husband.

Onyabehi gave her children two hundred naira to go and buy biscuits from Papa Ebuka’s shop ,Agada was still sleeping,she lay him on the bed and went to the bathroom to take her bath .


Ogwuche glared at her , she didn’t Minch a word ,she lay on the bed and faced away from him ,she dived into sleeping, he prayed the head throbbing headache would go away before she woke , she was almost going made .

Onyabehi went to the main kitchen, built outside the main house ,she made Okra soup with Ugwu leaves, for the family , she and Ene were the only women left in the house crowded by boys , Some of Simon’s children from other women had moved to the house , there about seven of with Ogbele and Alex she had ten men to feed ,

she dished Simon’s food and placed it on the center table in sitting room , she knocked at his door and left before he came out , she dished Ogwuche’s food and took it into the house , she and her children sat outside to eat .

She had gathered the plates , the plates ,the boys had eaten and dumped the plates in the kitchen and went their way . She came into the house , Ogwuche’s plate was still covered as she had left it , he had not lifted up the cover of the plate .

“Ogwuche you’ve not touched your food is anything the problem?” she asked , Ogwuche laid on the bed , face against the wall , he didn’t turn to her .

“Yes ….” He mumbled still facing the wall .
“Are you not going to eat your food ?” She asked .Agada had began to cry on her back .


“No I won’t eat I’m not hungry , I don’t have appetite.” He said his arms were still tucked into his thighs ,as he faced the wall . “Onyabehi have you been cheating on me ?” He asked , Onyabehi almost collapsed , she held her chest to breath well.

“Why did you ask that kind of question Ogwuche?” She asked her lips dried up .

“What were you doing at Oyoyo hotel at Otukpo today ?”He asked. “Is that how you’ve been getting the money to take care of me and the children ?” Ogwuche asked as he broke into tears , Onyabehi plopped into the couch , her eyes couldn’t hold the water and the hot tears poured out of her eyes .

“Ogwuche am sorry . I didn’t do it today , I’ve not met with him for three years now … You refused to touch me … he’s my ex, the man I wanted to marry…”

Alice and Igoche ran into the house , they tried to enquire why their mother was crying , no matter how hard they tried ,she couldn’t say a word .

To be continued……….

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