Six exotic cars drove into the family house of Pastor Gamadi at Gboko . elders from the church had come on a courtesy call .Shiana and Mrs Seember had prepared a large quantity of Egusi soup , a full goat was slaughtered for the occasion, the elders from the church had given the pastor prior notice of their visit .

The soup and pounded yam were served to the guests . Seember brought a tray pan filled with pug meat. The men ate and washed it down with red wine . Shiana cleared the plates .

“Good morning GO.”Pastor the Gboko region pastor said , he cracked his fingers like nuts as he spoke . “We want to thank sir for all you’ve been doing for the ministry. God has used you to teach the lives of each and everyone of us here .”He said .

“It’s not my doing Pastor Samuel, the Lord gave us a work to do , we must do it with all our hearts .” The pastor said .

“Sir we are here to beg a favour from you …”Pastor Samuel spoke for the group ,Pastor Gamadi sat and placed one finger under his chin .


“Sir we are here to talk to you about brother Ogar John Agada, we learnt his wife had been here several months ago . Sir we want to beg in the mighty name of Christ our Lord, that you pardon Ada, she had been a mean woman .” Pastor Samuel said .

“Sir we know brother Agada isn’t a covetous person ,there’s no way he could have stolen that amount of money , you know how he faithful with the church finance and account department he had headed for over seven years now .

“Elder Ezra Chortled ,his palms clasped before his face , in plea to the pastor . “Sir please we beg you in the name of God could you please sir represent him in court .

We were told that some of his colleagues who were arrested with him have been released from prison , it was clear that he was set up ,he’s been in prison going for the third year.” Elder Ando added .

“Don’t let whatever happened in the past to stop you from doing good . Your daughter will surely come back to you, God cannot let any harm come upon what’s yours.”


Pastor Gamadi sighed,he relaxed his head on the back rest of his couch .He tapped his fingers on the armrest a couple of times.

“Okay thank you brethren from coming . Brother Agada had been instrumental to smooth running of the church , and had been a very cheerful giver to the projects of the church . I’ll see what I can do within my power .”Pastor Gamadi said ,the pastors thanked him almost falling on their knees .

“Please don’t do that , you cannot bow to anyone except God . But I should remind you that I am an old rusty lawyer , that has not seen a court room in four years ,

I will do my best , God helping me , brother Agada will be released.”Pastor Gamadi said to the delight of the men who had come to his house. He led them for prayer, before the men left .

Pastor Gamadi and Seember left Gboko for Abuja the next morning , they stayed at the Asokoro mansion , the pastors and leaders from Abuja church of the Christian Brethren Church , trooped to pay the general overseer a courtesy call , a special banquet was thrown for the pastor .


The next week he called the lawyers from from the branch Of Gamadi and Sons chambers to meet with him at the conference room of his Asokoro mansion. Agada’s sons were invited to join the meeting, over six lawyers and Pastor Gamadi went through Agada’s case .

“Barrister Chike I want you to request for a private hearing between our counsels and the federal government counsel, with the judge , before twentieth of March , let us see if we can trash this case out of court .

The case has drag for too long the EFCC has no case against our client , why is he being left in remand custody instead to let him go ?” Pastor Gamadi asked .

“Sir from all our findings we’ve seen that some powers from Benue with vested interest in this case , have tried beyond every means to make this case continues dragging ,

they keep trying every antics to stall the progress of this case . it was a case of a set up , the main culprits have been discharged ,we wonder why our client is still remanded on prison custody .

” Barrister Chike said , he was one of the most senior lawyers in Pastor Gamadi’s chamber , he had worked with him for over twenty years.


“Can I see that files?” He said Owoiche Agada’s eldest son, who was a black suit and white shirt and was sitting right next to his twin brother Gabriel.

he perused through the files . “Chike call the clerk and inform of our plans to have an out of court settlement.” He dismissed the meeting , he placed a call to his friend the governor.

“Good morning your excellency.” Pastor Gamadi said over the phone , he had decided to settle with the men he thought could be responsible for Agada’s plight .

“Oh cut the crap Gamadi , which one is your excellency, when you were here with us , you wouldn’t mind if I was your excellency before you tell me things I didn’t want to hear .”The Governor said . Pastor Gamadi laughed .

“You employed me as your special assistant and adviser on legal matters how would you have wanted me to behave ?” The pastor asked , he and Governor Samuel came from the same village , they had been friends from secondary school.

“I know you don’t ever call Gamadi , why have you called ? Because you’re a rabbit that comes out of its hole only at night , what brought you out this afternoon?” The governor asked , the question made Pastor Gamadi chuckle.


“Come on Samuel you know I don’t like to be intrusive my brother , I want to let you focus on the work on your hand .”He said, but the governor wouldn’t buy it .

“Gamadi you and I ? our bond has gone beyond friendship,we are now related by blood , my son Martins and your daughter Anabel are building a family, three children now , for eight months you have not called or checked on me , because I’m a governor?” He asked .

“I will try my best to check on you your excellency.”Gamadi said .
“Haha don’t call me your excellency,so why did you call me ?” Governor Samuel asked .

“I’ve a client , a member of my church the one you helped to become the INEC state commissioner.” Pastor Gamadi said , he paused to see if the governor could recall him .

“Oh the stubborn man ? what about him?” He asked .

“He’s still in prison for a crime he didn’t commit . From our investigation we found out he was framed ,I want to ask you as a friend . Tell me who has a hand in this?” Pastor Gamadi asked .

“This isn’t a talk we talk on the phone , you know that Gamadi, why don’t you drive to the state house so we could talk this over dinner?” The governor asked .

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