How can I be begging my own husband to sleep with me ?” She mumbled , Ogwuche’s mind for far away from love making , his mind had traveled a million miles away . Onyabehi hit his arm , he turned to her .

“What is it Na Onyabehi? why are you troubling me ?” Ogwuche turned to her and asked . “Please can I sleep this is almost twelve .”

He turned his face away from her , he stared at his two children sleeping on the ground , wondering how long he would have to depend on his mother to cater for them , the ailment that had hit him down ,a year earlier had almost left him paralysed, he could barely bend or run .

His mother had taken from one prayer house to another , his problem kept changing from one symptom to another .

“Do you expect me to meet other men to meet my needs ? I am a woman , a pregnant woman at that , why would I have to beg you to give me what’s rightfully mine to have ?” Onyabehi grumbled , Ogwuche remained silent like a scared puppy not saying a word .


“Shift don’t touch me with your body!” She yelled at Ogwuche as she turned her back to him , she hissed and forced herself to sleep .

She could count the number of times Ogwuche had touched her since she took in. Sometimes she wished she took Obekpa’s advice and run away with him to Abuja .

Ogwuche had made her lost self confidence, she wondered if she was so unattractive that all her efforts to lure him to bed . She had asked her mother for advice, she told her to wear skimpy things inside the house that it would trigger the urge in him ,

but sometimes she wondered if he had problems with his manhood, but she saw it rise and fall early every morning, she believed it was just a pure act of wickedness on his part.

Simon had driven to Okpoka a village at the boundary between Benue and Enugu State , he was referred to a powerful Juju priest ,a blind man who could see the future .He lived in a thatch house , his Shrine was filled with different kinds of figurines,some made of iron , some made of clay and some of wood .


“Ogar son of Ogar you’re welcome to my shrine .” The old blind man said. He was sitting on the bare floor of his giant hut .Ogar was shocked that the old blind man could know who he was.

“You have put your hands in plenty dirt , right now it has come to hunt you . I know what you have come to me for , I cannot help you . You have to go back to the old Iroko tree , for it will soon fall , the trouble you brought upon your head will not go away .

It will stay and eat your fruit, only the old Iroko that put the spell can break the spell ,you are a stubborn man , but you must fall before that Iroko or else your fruit will go .” The old man said still reading Ogar’s palms .

“Do not delay go back to the Iroko , the spell can only be broken by the same mouth that cast them . I see death hanging upon your neck and those of your child and grandchildren,run back for help . Leave my shrine I cannot help you .” The old seer said and dismissed Ogar .

He went back home , he couldn’t sleep for a minute all night the terror that hunted his night hunted his day , he wished he had never had to put a spell on his son .


He had seen oner seven Juju men and seers all kept pointing him back to Adachi, he knew the old wizard would never help him after he had attacked him a year earlier .

He had several hundred thousands of naira to break the spell he had put on his son , but after they tried and failed they asked him to go back to the old man .

Early the next morning, he got out of the house before Ene woke up , he drove to Ochobo , if he had to kneel before Adachi he would, Ogwuche had become a shadow of himself , dying a little bit everyday .

He left the paved road ,and was driving towards Adachi’s home , he saw so many people heading towards the village , the atmosphere was sombre. Ogar knew they were heading to a funeral service.

He got to the old Juju man’s house , he met the hive of people in their numbers , big shots had assembled to pay homage to the Iroko tree , it lived for almost a century, the old Juju man had gone to sleep with his ancestors ,


Ogar held his head in pains , he lay on the bonnet of his car , he had been told to return to the juju man and ask for forgiveness so the spell on his son could be broken.

Onyabehi had put bed , she gave birth to a second son for Ogwuche , he was so delighted at the sight of a little replica of him , he held the child to his chest when his mother returned with Onyabehi from the hospital,

Ogwuche had been sick he couldn’t go to the hospital . He held the fragile bundle to his chest and watched him yawn and cried for its mother . Onyabehi watched the father and child with curiosity, she wondered if he would ever love her .

All his love he gave to his children none did he spare for his dutiful wife , the mother of his children. Even though the children where hers she couldn’t help being jealous of the love and devotion to them and nothing , no empathy for her.

She let the tears flowed down her cheeks , she knew nothing she did would ever make him love her , though it had been over six years ,he didn’t talk about Dooshima , she knew his love died with her memory .


He had forgotten he had a life before what was happening to him , but he knew he was empty , only his children could bring him joy .
“Daddy can I carry baby ?” Igoche asked asked .

“Why not ? come and sit down .” He said to the boy. Ogwuche put the baby in his arms , Alice walked to her father and her brother . “Daddy he’s fine, he looks like you .” The three years old girl said .

“Even igoche looks like you.” She said calmly with a tranquility of an old woman.
“Yes that’s true , he looks like me and grandfather.” Ogwuche said .

“Daddy why don’t I look like you ? why do I look like only mummy ?” The little girl , Ogwuche was shocked , he couldn’t afford an answer to give to her .

“Give me the baby!” Onyabehi said , as she collected the baby from Igoche . “My baby is not a toy , onya Igoche take your sister outside, go and play with Patrick and Mary.” She said a little bit too loud .

“Mummy I don’t want to play , I want to stay with baby.”Igoche said with a frown on his face .
“Get out! Leave this place!” She yelled at Igoche and Alice, as she lay the baby on the bed .
“Don’t shout at them Na .” Ogwuche said .

“Don’t tell me what I can and cannot do with my children!” She hissed and walked out of the house .

To be continued…….

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