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July 25, 2024

Naira slumps seventh times against Dollar in days at Foreign Market

The Naira has slumped seven times in recent days against the US dollar at the foreign exchange.

FMDQ data showed that the Naira recorded a seventh drop against the Dollar, quoting N1309.88 per Dollar on Thursday from N1308.52 on Wednesday.

This represents a N1.36 loss on a day-to-day basis.

At the parallel market section, the Naira dropped between N1,300 and N1,370 on Thursday from between N1,250 and 1,300 the previous day.

In the last four days, Naira has recorded depreciation against the Dollar in the FX market.

Last week, the Naira dropped three times against the Dollar in the foreign exchange market.

Accordingly, the Naira had lost N237.14 since April 17, 2024 when it traded at N1,072.74 per Dollar at the FX market.

The development comes despite the Central Bank of Nigeria releasing 10,000 dollars each to BDC at N1,021 to a dollar with a caveat to sell at most 1.5 per cent above the bought price.

This is the third recent intervention for BDCs amid the bank’s effort to defend the Naira.

BDC operators blamed peer-to-peer cryptocurrency platforms like Binance for the recent depreciation of the Naira against the dollar in the foreign exchange market.


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